Eyeko's Black Magic Eyeliner is my new favourite liner!!!

August 13, 2016

Recently my go-to eyeliner wasn't holding up to it's usual standards, it was as if the brand had changed the formula or something in the liner which had changed its performance and quality; this got me looking for a new favourite eyeliner.

What I look for in an eyeliner is; longevity, super black in colour, easy to use and no smudging/imprinting throughout the day. All these qualities make up the perfect liner and will keep me re-purchsing.

Eyeko is a brand I've used before and find their products good quality, I've tried a few different liners from them including the FAT Liquid Eyeliner £12.00 and Skinny Liquid Eyeliner £12.00, both of which are good products but didn't hold up against my old favourite.
I ordered another liner from Eyeko; the Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner £15.00, this was slightly more expensive than the other Eyeko liners I'd brought and dearer than my old favourite too.

The Black Magic liner is Eyeko's blackest eyeliner with a precision brush tip making applying a winged liner effortless. According to the website the liner's tip is inspired by traditional calligraphy which I can see in the design and shape of the tip. This liner also contains WIDELASH™ a conditioning Tripeptide based blend designed to enhance lash growth up to 3x in length and volume in 15 days. This is another added extra because we all want longer lashes, right???

Personally I've found the benefits of using this eyeliner are; the carbon black finish, the tip makes applying the liner so so easy; it's just like a felt tip pen and the product doesn't fake out half way through application either. I've found this eyeliner works well on my bare eye lid and over other products like eyeshadows and primers so you can wear it with any look. My winged liner skills are more of a love/hate relationship; some days my winged liner is fierce and on-point then other days I have to give up and start again but since using this Black Magic liner I've had so many good days, winged liner is now really easy to achieve because the tip is so thin you can take your time and build up the look.

On some days I have my makeup on for around 12 hours and this liner held up all day without smudging or fading in colour. Removing the product is as easy as putting it on, my micellar water wipes the liner clean off in one sweep, I was amazed!

I'll definitely be repurchasing this eyeliner for the foreseeable future!
Thank you Eyeko for creating such a high quality and trustworthy product!

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