Spectrum Collections 4 piece Contour Face Set Review

July 27, 2016

Spectrum Collections create the most magical and unicorn friendly brushes in the world! They really are the prettiest makeup brushes I own and the softest brushes too, made with high quality synthetic hair; the brand is PETA registered and a Vegan trademarked cruelty free brand which is awesome! The Spectrum website sells brush sets, single brushes and accessories all of which are fashionable and unique to the brand, your sure to find a brush design you like and will love to use.

Spectrum have kindly sent me the 4 piece Contour Face Set* which was an amazing surprise, the brush set shouts unicorns and mermaids with the pink handles and blue/purple brush heads; I couldn't wait to start contouring with them. The set includes; a flat top buffer, domed buffer, tulip powder and a angled powder brush.

B01 Flat Top Buffer & B02 Domed Buffer
I use these two brushes to start my contouring process, the B02 Domed Buffer is great for applying contour products under my cheek bones, down the side of my nose and around my forehead, then I blend in the product using the B01 Flat Top Buffer. The flat top buffer is great for blending/buffering in product because of the flat top, moving in circular motions keeps your makeup even aswell. The bristles are so soft that blending products around your eyes is safe and gentle on your skin. I also like to use the Flat Top Buffer for blending in my liquid foundation; again the flat top is great for this and its easy to get around your face into all the hard to reach places because the brush is so soft.

C03 Tulip Powder & C04 Angled Powder
The next step of contouring is the highlighting and finishing, these two brushes are perfect for that, I use the C04 Angled Powder to apply powder highlight product to the top of my cheeks, down the middle of my nose and up to my t-zone; I sometimes add a little to my chin and under my brows although a smaller brush is better for this to not add too much product. The C03 Tulip Powder is great for applying highlight again but I prefer to use it for applying finishing powder or an all over bronzer, the brush head is bigger than the other brushes and moves over my face effortlessly. This angled brush is also great for applying blush, the angle of the brush helps to add blush in a sweeping motion upwards onto my cheeks Again both brushes are so so soft and gentle on the skin making them my number one brushes!

Washing my makeup brushes can be such a chore but it has to be done, these Spectrum brushes are so easy to wash, with a little anti-bactieal Carex hand soap, which is my choice of wash for my brushes and rubbing them in the palm of my hand or on a brush cleaning tool, any product left on these brushes falls out easily and quickly. It makes a sometimes tedious job more pleasant.

I couldn't recommend these brushes enough, the synthetic hair really is high quality and you can see the brushes look amazing. I also have some other brushes from Spectrum and will continue to purchase from them in the future. They have recently revealed that they are launching some new brushes in September, with another mermaid themed shell case filled with brushes called the Bomb Shell; which from what I've seen on social media looks absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on one!

*PR Sample

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  1. just stumbled across your blog via the spectrum collections twitter, they're bloody lovely brushes! great review lovely x

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. Thanks for reading Hun, and for the kind comments. They really are amazing brushes, my favourites!
    Gem x


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