W7 'The Honey Queen' Blush and 'Africa Bronzer' - Benefit Dupes

September 03, 2015

I'd been reading a lot about W7 makeup products on different blogs so I had to try some for myself. The W7 website doesn't allow to you buy online direct from them (it would be nice if they had an online store) however they had a stock list on the 'Where to buy' section on the website. The stock list showed that TK Maxx, Asda and Next stocked there products. I've seen some items in TK Maxx before but never Asda or Next so I will be checking next time I'm in store. The list had some website stock list too including Xtras and Fragrance Direct so I had a look on these.

When reading a few blogs on W7 products the bloggers had said that you could buy from Amazon and eBay too, Amazon for me worked out cheaper than the websites on the stock list, as most of the products included free delivery.

I decided to start my W7 collection off with a recommended blusher in a box and a bronzing powder which also comes in a box design.
First off these definitely look like a dupe for Benefit blushers and every blog I've read has said the same. I love the look of these and the Benefit ones but since these W7 products are a faction of the price they are a lot more desirable at the moment.

The packaging itself is great, the box is sealed with tape before you can take the lid off, then the brush is in clear plastic and there a plastic sheet and tub on top of the bronzer. The brush fits neatly on top of the product and the plastic tub will prevent the product from breaking or leaking.

I'm super impressed with the Africa Bronzing Powder however the brush that comes with it isn't best for applying bronzer overall, if you was touching up your makeup on the go the brush would come in handy though.

I paid £2.45 for this bronzer and it was free delivery. It arrived in 2 days and was very well packaged.
Click Here to buy from Amazon. The store I brought from was called Glitterstore Ltd.

The blusher I brought is called 'The Honey Queen' Honeycomb Blusher which fits in with the style, being that the packaging and the product have a honeycomb design on them.

Again I was super impressed with the packaging but the brush lets this product down again, I preferred to use my own blusher brush to apply. However if your out and about, the little brush would be easier to touch up your makeup with.

The colour of this blush gives you a bronzed highlight so this product would work well with the Africa Bronzing Powder, its a very light effect which means that most skin tones could use this product.

I paid £2.54 which was only 9 pence more than the bronzing powder and this again came with free delivery. The store on Amazon was called Gracious Online and you can buy one here.

I've tried to swatch both items for you to see, the Africa Bronzing Powder is obviously darker than the blush and the blush is just a light highlight for the top of your cheek bones.

These W7 items was the first W7 products I've ever tried and I'm impressed with how inexpensive they are, the product is good quality however like I said above the brushes let the overall product down. I would still buy them again and continue to use my own brushes.

What W7 products have you tried and where did you buy from? Let me know in the comments.

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