LUSH - Think Pink Bath Bomb

August 28, 2015

On a recent visit to the LUSH store in Manchester I purchased my first ever bath bomb!
I've been shopping in LUSH for quite some time now but the bath bombs never appealed to me because I tend to just have showers, however some of the new Oxford Street exclusive products was in store and the 'Think Pink' bath bomb smelt amazing. I thought why not try one out since its smelled so good and with a price of just £2.65 I couldn't say no.

(iPhone photo)

As I've just said above I love the smell of this bath bomb, it was a sweet and candy like smell that when it dissolved in the bath was very calming.
My bath was completely pink in colour after the bath bomb stopped fizzing and it left little confetti hearts floating around.

I did however make a rookie mistake and before using the bath bomb, I had it stored in a decorative bowl in my bathroom window, where the sun had got to it! This made the colour change to white and the smell not as strong as it was. I will know for next time anyway.

(iPhone Photo)

I think this is the start of something new, since I prefer to take showers I'm going to plan to use a LUSH bath bomb once a month and have a chill out night which will start with a bath.
I'm wanting to try out 'The Experimenter' and 'Frozen' bath bombs next.

What's your favourite LUSH bath bomb?

(Just a little note to say, that hopefully this is will be last post with iPhone photos, as I said in my updates post here, I won't be using my iPhone to take photos anymore)

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  1. I think after trying your first Lush bath bomb you soon become addicted. The 'twilight' bath bomb is an amazing one for relaxation before bed :) xx

    1. Oooo il have to check that one out when I'm next in LUSH 😀 x


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