Fashion Foundation Degree

August 26, 2014

"My recent welcome post said that I have just completed a Fashion course so I thought I would tell you a bit about it.

I've been studying on the course for 2 years after working full time for a while, I decided I wanted to go back to college, doing a Foundation degree allowed me to study at university level but in a college environment. I have studied Photography previously so I didn't have much experience in fashion but this worked out great for me as everything on the course was new and exciting which kept me interested thought out the 2 years. Don't get me wrong I've still had melt downs and the usual "I can't do this moments" but I've fully enjoyed these past 2 years. I have been taught new skills that will last me a life time and hopefully gain me a career in fashion.

From this I'm going on to further my study with a Top Up course at MMU, this starts in September and I'm really looking forward to getting back to learning after a long summer.

Here's some photographs of my end of year show, my final project was based on Tim Burton.

Let me know what you think guys 

Ketchup   PS don't get Ketchup down that fancy dress :-p 

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