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August 18, 2014

Before I went to study Fashion, I completed a National Diploma in Photography, I'd taken interest in Photography though a Art and Design course after leaving school. I enjoy working with film cameras more than digital as I like the different effects on the film and not knowing what you have until you develop the film.

I haven't done much Photography on my Fashion course until the end when I volunteered to take the End Of Year Photos using the studio in college. As soon as i started the long day of shoots I was back in the swing of things and I really enjoyed the day, i even forgot to take a dinner break I was that into it.

I wanted to show you a few images which i have just uploaded on my Personal Photography Page over on Facebook

Designers are (from the top) Natalie Brocklehurst, Sophie Appleton, and Harriet Kinder.
Models are (from the top) Rachel Kimmins, Corey Heaton, Jennifer Green and Harriet Kinder.

Ketchup  PS watch out for the Zombie Snaps

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