My top 5 Beauty picks of 2020 (AD - includes a gifted item)

January 28, 2021

[AD-Gifted; some of the products in this post have been gifted to me, these will be marked with an asterixis*. All thoughts, opinions and experiences are my own, see my disclaimer for more information]

2020 was a very strange year for all of us and we are riding fast though January 2021 already. 2020 brought challenges no one could of imagined and changes we will take into 2021. Beauty routines and skin care practise have took a whirlwind in changes with lipstick sales decreasing and skin care products being more in demand. Here I have put together a list of my top 5 beauty picks of 2020, these are items I’ve discovered, used and are now in my regular routine. 


Here is a tool I didn’t know I needed and now can’t live without! The Tweezerfile restores blunt tweezers back to life in literally 10 seconds!! Just place the Tweezerfile between your tweezers, close the tweezers around the file and move them up and down a few times, and that’s it! Your tweezers will be back to nearly new again, no blunt ends in slight and you won’t have to replace your favourite pair of tweezers because we all know you have a favourite pair! Discovering this beauty tool has given me a more sustainable way to restore an item I already have instead of always buying new and this has saved me money in the long run. The file comes in a few colours, I received the red and its small enough to fit into your make up bag so you can sharpen your tweezers anywhere! 

Oh! K Tech Trio Bundle 

From March 2020 I’ve been working from home like a lot of us have so wanted to treat myself and my skin to the Tech Trio mask pack from Oh! K, included in the pack is an; Anti-Blue Light Sheet Mask, an Intense Moisture Hand Mask and a Pomegranate Sculpting Tech Neck Mask. I was able to relax and nourish my hands, neck and face. The Anti-Blue light sheet mask is biodegradable and helps to protect my skin from the effects of blue light and gives skin a hydrated and soft feel after. I would of bought this mask pack even if I was still working in the office as I want to protect my skin from damaging blue light effects and this is a good place to start in my opinion however I can now wear a face mask whilst working which I couldn’t do in the office. 

KISS imPRESS nails*

Over the past 4-5 years I’ve used press-on nails and couldn’t write a best of 2020 without them. No salons were open for most of the year so that was out of the question but I always prefer using Kiss imPRESS nails anyway. They are cheap enough to afford and high quality, easy to use, there’s lots of stylish designs plus they last for around 2 weeks when applied correctly. See my review post for top tips on best application. You can pick these up at Superdrug, Boots and Asda whilst doing the essential shop or order online to be delivered to your home. 

Spectrum Collections Cruella Devil collection 

Spectrum Collections are one of my favourite brands within the beauty industry and each time they bring out a new collection I’m blown away but time I was over the moon. Cruella is one of my favourite Disney villains; she’s fashionable (minus the real furs of course) I loved the live action movie when she had her own fashion house plus I’m super excited for the remake coming this year. The Spectrum sisters put together an amazing collection which included; a full makeup brush set, clutch bag, kabuki brush and sponge set all matching with red brush handles, beaut packaging and the bag is just lush! Seriously one of my favourite brush sets from Spectrum ever. Of course no real furs here, all of Spectrum Collections products are Vegan and Cruelty free. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Overnight Face Mask

Personally my skin hasn't had the best year with wearing face coverings now I can suffer from breakouts even more than normal but it seems a lot of other people are experiencing the same thing. I fully recommend 'The Body Shop' Tea Tree range and use a few products from the tea tree range in my own skincare routine including now this overnight face mask. Applying a mask that soaks into the skin overnight is easy as no washing it off is needed and a small amount covers my own face; so it takes 30 seconds before I go to sleep for my skin to have a treat. By morning after a few applications I saw my skin become more clear, be less dry and redness was reduced plus it feels so much more soft to touch. 

What were your top 5 beauty products of 2020? Let me know in the comments section below...

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