Festive Party Nails in 5 minutes with Kiss Nails*

December 15, 2019

*This post contains GIFTED nails, all thoughts/opinions/experiences are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

Don't be late for the party with a 5 minute manicure from Kiss Nails… yes you read that right, a 5 minute manicure that will last you throughout the Festive period straight onto New Years.

As you all know by now that I am a massive fan of Kiss nails and the imPRESS range, they are long-lasting, come in a range of styles and designs plus they last me around 2 weeks! The nails are comfortable to wear, only start to come loose after around 14 days give or take (please be aware the packaging says 7 days wear), removal is as easy as application and leaves my nails un-damaged.

With all the Christmas parties, festive get-togethers and the big day itself getting closer and closer, you'll probably be rushing around trying to choose an outfit, book appointments, make travel arrangements and actually make it to the party on time. 

Your nails shouldn’t be part of this rush and I have a 5 minute manicure solution!!!

Kiss Nails festive edition… follow my step by step guide for a secure, fast and fashionable nail style, people will be amazed they are stuck on. Whenever someone says they like my nails (which happens a lot when wearing Kiss Nails), the first words out of my month are 'They are stuck on' they are then so shocked and a lot of the time ask me more questions like; do they stay on? Can you wash up in them? How long do they last? Where can I get some?

If you are asking the same questions then as I've said above, I personally get around 14 days from each set, I can wash up, wash my hair and pretty much do anything I can without my nails on, I recommend buying from Superdrug as they tend to have a lot of offers on and have more styles available in my local store. 

So are you ready for your step by step guide…

1.       Wash and dry your hands but do not apply any hand cream or products.
2.       Open the packet, take out the nail tray, tools and instructions (I'd recommend to read the instructions if   this is your first time using press on nails).
3.       Start with the smallest nails and match them up to your nails, check each nail to yours leaving a small a gap between the edge of the nail and your cuticles.
4.       Line the nails up in finger order (you may find that your nails are different sizes on each hand, this is ok but make sure to line them up for each hand correctly.
5.       Push cuticles back with the tool provided and file your nails, on top with the nail file provided, I always use the file in the packet so you know it’s the correct weight to not damage your nails. 
6.       Inside the packet is a wipe, use this next to clean the nails before applying.
7.       Start with your little fingers, peal back the film on the back of the nail (or the tabs included in the gel fantasy sets), then press firmly to your nail (make sure its straight) then hold the nail in place for 5-10 seconds.
8.       Continue this process until all the nails are applied, I would try to apply them before bed so you don't get anything on your hands for a few hours but if time is of the essence then just don't apply any creams until after an hour or two (this is just a top tip from me personally from my own use/wear/experiences of wearing Kiss nails)
9.       Check out your 5 minute manicure, take a nail-selfie and show then off.
10.   Enjoy the Christmas festivities and stay safe!

Pick up your Kiss nails from Superdrug stores, online or in other retailers like Boots or Asda.

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