My #SudioMoments at home with FEM ear buds

May 16, 2020

*This post contains a GIFTED product sent to me for a review. All thoughts/opinions/experiences are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. The discount code included in the post is NOT an affiliate code. 

It's been a tough 8 weeks and we are still in the mist of things so 'lockdown' is not over and far from. Luckily I've been able to zone out a little and take some chill time to myself with the help of these Sudio FEM ear buds. I'm either listening to my favourite bands, enjoying an audio book or chatting to my friends & family over the phone, all of this with amazing sound quality. 

Sudio are a Swedish brand based in Stockholm, who drives forward with the love of Swedish music and creates stylish headphones and accessories for the modern world. The word Sudio is a play on the words Swedish and Audio, it's a pretty simple play on words but works perfectly. They combine elegant Swedish design with high quality sound and have grown across the world into a known brand. 

The FEM ear buds comes in 4 different colours; black, pink, white & blue, each having a stylish charging case which has a USB-C cable to charge. This makes them quick charging so you'll have your headphones for all your audio needs in no time. Play time is 20 hours total with 6 hours in a single charge, each ear bud can individually pair and they have touch controls for ease of use. What I hadn't expected to be so good is the 4 noise-cancelling microphones which make all my calls are clear, plus they are voice assisted so I can use Siri on them too; this really impressed me! 

FEM Sudio Ear Buds, open in the charging case.

Listening to my favourite bands whilst pottering around the house or cleaning up is a good way to pass time during lockdown; I've been doing big sort outs in one room a week plus the general cleaning up. Who else is fed up of washing up?!? Anyway having my fav artists playing in my ears I can get through the boring jobs whilst in my own little world; imagining I'm in a field in Donnington having the time of life at Download Festival. That's my usual thoughts/wishes. No matter what genre of music, the sound is crisp, I can't hear any background noise and the volume is loud (if I want it loud!). I'll be in my imagery field listing to Theory, Creeper and The Hunna for now. 

Pink FEM Sudio Ear buds, open in charging case next to an iPad with Spotify playing

Whilst in lockdown I have had more time for crafting so I've been using the time I would normally be commuting to work and back to cross-stitch, learn to crochet and create some wall art. Having my FEM earbuds means I can concentrate and complete my projects, having music playing or listening to a podcast helps me get into my own craft world. 

Flat lay of FEM Sudio Ear Buds with Cross stitch project.

I was never into audio books until getting a free trial a while ago and actually it's quite nice to hear a story instead of reading one. Listening on my FEM ear buds brings the story in, again not having any background noise makes it seem like I'm in the story, the readers voice and tone can also make the story change focus. I can't say I've been listening to lots of audio books but when I do, I reach for my FEM ear buds. 

Flat lay of Pink FEM Sudio ear buds with box, an iPad with Audio book on and a book.

Staying connected is so important right now, video calls and group calls are keeping us all in the loop with our family & friends right now. I've also been able to use my FEM headphones for calls and video chats, the mircophones are high quality and everyone on the team chat can hear me clearly, I can also hear them as if they were sat right next to me. The touch controls on the ear buds mean I can pause the audio should I need to and its just a tap on the bud, so easy!!!

Finally can we talk about how fashionable and stylish these headphones are, not just the design of the ear bud but the charging case too! 

Check out this model and more over on the Sudio website and enter code 'GEMSUDIO15' at checkout for a discount on your order! 

Let me know which style you go for? 

Shot of GemsUpNorth's leg with leopard print PJs on, FEM Sudio ear buds, iPad, Phone and some beauty bits on a GOT bed set 

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