Heartfelt with Moonpig Mother's Day event - Manchester

February 12, 2020

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Last Friday I was lucky enough to spend the evening with Moonpig at their Mother's Day event and what was even better I was able to take my Mum along to the blogger event. Search Labs were working with Moonpig to create a fun, immersive and creative event and they succeeded; the event was jam packed with activities.

The event was held at a beautiful hotel in Manchester called the Whitworth Locke, located close to Oxford Road station; I did need my Google Maps at first but we found it quite easily. Inside the event was set up with different activity stations. Me and my Mum were a little early but was able to have a sit down and take in our surroundings; just after 6.30pm we were served some light bites; Shrimp bites in sweet chilli sauce, Quinoa salad and mini burgers with seasoned fries. Everything tasted delicious and was very well presented in bamboo bowls.

After our food, one of the Moonpig team did a presentation all about the brand, what they do and sell and then explained what we would be doing that evening. Moonpig love making someone's day so they help you create and send personalised cards and gifts for your loved ones. Their website is easy to use and they can even remind you of birthdays and special occasions so you'll never forget to send a card. You can add your own photographs, messages and even your own handwriting to cards plus you can add a bouquet of flowers to your order and get them delivered to that special person. If you need any help with your orders, Moonpig are happy to help and are easy to contact too. Moonpig has been putting a smile on people's faces since the year 2000 and continue to add more gifts, cards and flowers to their site.

We were split into 4 groups for the activities, my group started with the Cocktail Masterclass, James the barman was very engaged with the group and clearly enjoyed himself. We were shown how to mix a cocktail, make it, then let loose with the spirits. All of us made our first cocktail which was sort of a practice round then we had a competition for the second cocktail, our team was split into two and we had to make the next cocktail as a team; we won with having the quickest time however I feel our presentation could have been better. Lastly we made a classic 'Porn star martini' and the Passoa liquor was flowing, this was a fun one to make and my favourite to taste out of the three.

Next up was photoshoot time for me and Mum. The pop up studio was set up with a green screen and we were able to select a background for our photograph to go on. We chose a rainbow one which worked well with the Moonpig card I created later. We were able to see our photo, make amends then it was sent to the laptops for us to create a card. I decided to make a Mother's Day card since we was at a Mother's Day event, I added mine and Mum's photo and she picked a card she liked which was floral and square in shape.

The Moonpig website was easy to use, I could navigate to the next option at ease and adding my photo was simple, you even have the options to add multiple images to some cards. At the checkout, I added the address and selected the date for the card to be delivered; I selected Mother's Day week so my Mum will have a nice card for the day. Since it was my Birthday last week I actually received a couple of Moonpig cards, all are fun with photos on and are really good quality.

In another section of the event area Moonpig had set up a gift station so we could see what they offer; Moonpig have gifts and flowers to add to your card delivery so you can save time ordering them together and know you're getting quality items and beautiful flowers.

Lastly we got to take part in a flower arranging workshop, here we were joined by one of Moonpig's florists who helps to design the flowers available online and creates beautiful arrangements for all occasions. This workshop was my Mum's favourite and she got stuck in straight away. After we found out more about what Moonpig offers in terms of flower gifts we were able to select our own flowers to create our own bouquet. I didn't really have a theme for my selection and just picked the flowers I liked the look of, there were Lily's, Roses, Dahlia's, Chrysanthemum's and different types of forage to fill out the bouquet's. Next we arranged the flowers with the forage then wrapped them in tissue paper and printed wrapping paper; there were lots of wrapping to pick from, I went with a leaf design and tried my bouquet with some natural string. I've put my bouquet in a vase and they look lovely in my kitchen at home.

There was also a beauty station were you could get a hand and arm massage but we skipped this one. On our way out I was given a box wrapped in Moonpig paper and inside was a box of Penny Post for me and Mum to enjoy. These are part of Moonpig's letterbox friendly gifts; I think these are perfect as gifts with a selection on items and you don't have to worry about delivery as they fit through the letterbox.

So don't forget to design your Moonpig card for your next occasion plus add a gift or flowers!

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