Let me introduce you to Danish skincare brand Ecooking*

May 05, 2019

[*This post contains gifted items, sent for review. All thoughts/opinions are my own from my own experience with the products, see my disclaimer for more information.]

No nonsense Danish skincare brand, Ecooking was born when Tina Sogaard started to create products in her own kitchen. Tina started to combine natural ingredients to create different skincare products that target specific skin concerns and actually work well on the skin and in the environment. The packaging is unique to the brand and groups together well, there’s lots of products for the skin that are available at Indulge Beauty; from cleanser to lip balm to men’s skincare.

I’ve been sampling 3 products from Ecooking over the last month and its been a pleasant journey, I love the fact that they have natural ingredients and use raw materials to create their products. The three products I received were the Cleanser, Body Wash and Lip Balm, all of which have fitted into my routine nicely. It was good to try out 3 different types of skincare to get a feel for the brand which was totally new to me before receiving the products, I’ve been using a lot of natural products lately and have switched up a lot of my products for ones with natural ingredients in. Each of Ecooking’s products have clear labels with all the ingredients on and top tips on using the products, helping the environment and how to’s.

Cleanser - I swapped my regular cleanser for this one and started to use it straight away, I tend to remove my makeup with cleanser in the evening before bed and cleanse my face in the morning as well. The products scent is quite unique, although there is cucumber in the ingredients, I can’t smelt this when applying but the cleanser does have a natural and slight sweet scent. The texture is light on the skin and smoothing, applying with my hands, a cotton pad or warm damp cloth all give me the same result; soft skin, clean feeling and a long-lasting sweet scent on my skin.

Shower Gel - Sometimes it’s hard to review a shower gel as what you want to know is; does it smell good, does it add moisture to the skin and does it clean the skin? I can easily say that this Ecooking shower gel ticks all the boxes! My skin feels clean after using in the shower, the product lathers up well on my shower pouffe or between my hands. The product is concentrated so only a small amount is needed for a full wash so its good value for money and better for the environment. Infused with scents of orange, rose and lavender which really awakes the mind and body, the orange scent is stronger than the others but the notes of lavender create a calm atmosphere.

Lip Balm - this was probably my favourite product of the three, I was able to use this balm throughout the day and my lips feel amazing! Super soft, smooth and looking plump too, not sure that’s an added extra in the product but my lips feel plumper anyway. The scent is a little subtle in my opinion but glides on smoothly leaving no stickiness. The balm is lightweight to wear and soaks into my lips beautifully; I was applying around 4 times a day which is good for a lip balm; some I’ve used in the past I’ve been applying all day long and not had the results I’ve had with this Ecooking balm. The little tin is perfect for popping in my bag or pocket so I’ve always got it with me and the screw lid means there’s no accidental openings whilst on the go.

It’s always good to be introduced to new brands and I’m lucky enough to sample them sometimes. Ecooking is a natural brand with good ethics and products that work!

So what you waiting for? Head over to Indulge Beauty and check out Ecooking now...

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