Shower Time with Bilou*

May 19, 2019

*This post contains 'Gifted' items, all thoughts/opinions are my own. See my disclaimer for more information. 

Bilou is made with love and passion to create; sweet fragranced, fun and clean body care products. Using high quality ingredients including aloe vera, almond and avocado oil all of which help to clean and nourish the skin and as an added extra Bilou is also 100% Vegan. 

I've seen Bilou in Superdrug stores previously but hadn't had the chance the try any of the products until now, I was sent two shower foam in scents; 'Tasty Donut' and 'Cotton Candy' which both smell absolutely amazing! The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging, the little illustrations make the simple packaging creative and fun; all the products have the motto 'Made with Love' on the front which gives a little nod to how the products are made. 

Cotton Candy has the sweetest scent which really fills the bathroom, I'm a sucker for sweet smelling body care so this shower foam was perfect for me and I was sold straight away. Tasty Donut also has a sweet scent but milder than Cotton Candy with a fruity undertone, both are right up my street in terms of smell and I've enjoyed using them both over the past few weeks. Each shower foam performs the same in my eyes as well which is great as I know I'm using a good product but can switch up the scent often, I'll be heading to Superdrug to try them all now.

The bottles are easy to use and one press of the button fills my hand with enough foam to wash my whole body, once in my hand the foam continues to grow then lathers up well on my skin. The fact that I can get a full wash from one press is amazing and great value for money. I've been using these shower foams for a few weeks now and they don't feel anywhere near empty. My skin is nourished with the almond and avocado oils and the aloe vera soothes my skin and it's all gentle on my skin too.

If your looking for a fun, sweet scented, foamy shower then get yourself some Bilou! They also have 2 in 1 body sprays in scents; Coco Cocktail and Fizzy Berry, shower foams in 5 scents and a clean foam lotion which I'm super intrigued by; this comes in Cotton Candy and Fizzy Berry.

Which is your favourite scent? 

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