An Easter Egg filled with beauty treats from Glossybox

April 21, 2019

It's Easter weekend and I bet we are all filling our faces with chocolate and treats but now Easter isn't just about chocolate eggs! Glossybox released a limited edition Glossy Easter Egg on the 9th of April which sold out in under 20 minutes, I was lucky enough to plan my lunch break around the release time so managed to get a box just after the release time. When checking out I was able to use my glossy credit which knocked a whopping £15.00 off my glossy egg so I managed to snap it up for just £10.00; absolute bargain!

Glossy had been advertising this limited edition egg for weeks leading up to the release date and they got the Internet really excited about it, you always get the unfortunate ones that didn't manage to get a look in at the limited edition boxes however being a Glossybox subscriber does give you a better chance as we get first chance at the boxes and us glossies tend to sell them out! You can sign up here with my referral link and get a discount on your first box and first chance at any of Glossyboxes limited edition boxes.

Inside the Glossy Egg were 9 beauty treats that are worth around £80.00 so me picking it up for a tenner was really a true bargain. Glossy included some top brands like Pixi, Benefit and Illamasqua; these were the 3 brands I was most excited about.

Pixi - Glow Tonic - 100ml - RRP £10.00
One of my favourite skin care products from Pixi and now I have a travel size ready for summer. This glow tonic is exfoliating and cleanses my skin easily whilst leaving no residue or irritation with Aloe Vera ingredients this also helps to hydrate and nourish my skin. Applying is easy, I use a cotton pad to apply a small amount of glow tonic then swipe across my face, cleaning away all the the day's germs and dirt. Glow tonic helps to give my skin a boost during the summer so it's perfect for taking to my festivals and awakening my skin in the mornings!

Benefit Cosmetics - BADGal Bang Mascara - Travel Size 4g - RRP £11.00
Since the release of the BADGal mascara from Benefit I've been a fan although the mascara did take some getting used too. The product is quite runny and wet so once applied its best to wait a minute to let the mascara set on your lashes but this is so worth it for the fullness the product gives my lashes. People have commented saying they thought I was wearing false lashes and were surprised when I told them it was just mascara! These minis from Benefit last me ages and are perfect for my handbag, not that lunch time top ups are needed with this product.

Illamasqua - Iconic Chrome in Passionate - Full Size - RRP £22.00
Illamasqua isn't a brand that I've used a lot, I received my first product from them in one of my previous Glossyboxes and have admired the brand since although I've not been able to purchase any other of their products yet. This Iconic Chrome is a creamy eyeshadow that literally melts on my eyes but stays put once on! I've found applying with my fingers is best then blending in gently with a soft brush if needed, the colour pay off is unreal and so so long lasting. The eyeshadow can be built up for an intense look or applied sparingly for that hint of chrome.

Lee Stafford - Choco Locks Gloss Boss - Full Size - RRP £6.99
One of the hair care brands I use regularly and have done for years, I always get great results from Lee Stafford products. This Choco Locks Glosser smells of chocolate which fits in nicely with this Easter egg theme. The product also adds a shiny finish with just a couple of sprays on my styled hair; this is my last product to use after doing my hair. It's great to add a glossy look with added shine and really just adds that extra touch to any style.

Living Proof - Style Lab Prime Style Extender - Deluxe Mini 30ml - RRP £5.00
Another hair product but this time from Living Proof which is a new brand to me and also a new product. A hair primer which helps you get longer out of your hair, comb through damp hair after washing then style as normal. The primer helps to repel dirt and excess oil so you can go longer without washing your hair. Got to say I was intrigued by this product and tried it straight away, now I usually get around 2 days from my hair maybe 3 in winter but I did get a full 3 days after using this primer so that's good enough for me. Anything to help me prolong the chore of washing and drying my hair is amazing.

Patchology - Flashmasque Soothe 5 Minute Sheet Mask - Full Size - RRP £8.00
We all know I love a good sheet mask due to my sheer laziness, haha. I have been trying to use peel off or wash off masks to help the environment though. This Patchology mask adds another extra to the laziness as you only need to wear it for 5 minutes for it to get to work. Adding moisture and smoothing skin with vitamins, aloe vera and cotton seed whilst helping fight against free radical damage from the environment. For a quick skin boosting and plumping mask I'd say this is a good choice.

Cink - Bare Necessity 3D Strip Lashes - Full Size - RRP £10.00
I tend to wear lashes when I'm going out somewhere fancy or on a night out and already have my favourites but I enjoy trying out other brands. Cink are a brand I've never even heard off so are completely new to me. The info booklet says that these lashes are from Glossy's own makeup artist Lucinka which makes the brand name make sense. These lashes are fluffy and made from 3D silk which is cruelty free, they have a thin strip which isn't heavy on my eyes so sat nicely for a few hours. I can easily get a few wears from these lashes and they are back in the box ready for another night out.

St Tropez - Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Gel - Deluxe Mini 24ml - RRP £4.00 and Luxe Applicator Mitt - Full Size - RRP £5.00
Fake tan is not something I tend to wear but I know St Tropez is a good brand for tan addicts and I have used the brand in the past in my teenage years. I think having the applicator mitt is great as this will help you get an even blend and protect your hands. The bronzing water gel is new to St Tropez and gives you a tanned glow in 3 hours so you would have time to apply before you head out! I'll be passing these items to a friend since they aren't something I will use.

I am pretty impressed with the Glossy Egg and hope they do another next year as it was a different Easter treat towards chocolate. I have used all the products except the fake tan but this will get used by a friend, I'm really happy with the Pixi Glow Tonic and Benefit mascara. The egg itself is made from metal so can be used to store other items in or maybe re-used next year for an egg-cellent treat!

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