My first impressions of RosehipPLUS*

February 11, 2019

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I regularly use skin and body care products to keep my skin looking healthy, smooth and feeling soft however after my operation in 2016 I was left with some scarring on my stomach which hasn’t really gone any better until now...

Let me introduce you to RosehipPLUS, an Australian skincare brand that know everything there is to know about rosehips. To give you a little insight into what rosehips actually are I’ve pulled some information from the RosehipPLUS website. Rosehips were best known as a rich source of Vitamin C and they are also packed with minerals and anti-oxidants which of course are great for peoples health.  Exploring around the world for the best rosehip oil led the RosehipPLUS team to Chile in South America were they found rosehips being harvested in the mountain tops and then RosehipPLUS was launched!

RosehipPLUS are based in Sydney and their products are made in Australia with love, care and made with the best ingredients available. They are an organic brand that has a Certified Organic Skin Care range which all products contain Rosehip oil. They believe that their products are here to stay due to the natural ingredients and commitment to create rosehip products that work.

Here I have the Pure & Natural Rosehip Oil* which I have been using on my operation scars for a month now. This 100% pure and natural cold pressed rosehip oil has become an everyday product in my body care routine, I apply a few drops of this oil to my stomach area every night before bed and I have seen some improvement in my scars. I never felt like my scars healed as well as they could of, my stitches took ages to fall out and the scars were red for months and months, I tried a few different oils and moisturisers to improve the look of my scars but they never really went any better. I’ve been using RosehipPLUS for a mere month now and my scars are a lot less red and irritated, the smaller of the scars are nearly clear now.

Using the rosehip oil is easy, the oil soaks into my skin quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky residue so applying before bed is comfortable. The scent of the oil is natural and it doesn’t really smell of anything, I first expected it to smell floral but it’s just natural. Since only a few drops are needed each night, the bottle still has loads of product left and will last ages. I want to continue to use this oil on my scars to get them all looking clear and normal again. The oil is great for dry skin, stretch marks and improving skin hydration so it really should be a stable in everyone’s routine.

You can pick up RosehipPLUS online at Amazon with prices starting from £10.00.

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