Express your love with Punky Pins* this Valentine’s

February 04, 2019

*GIFTED items - all thoughts/opinions/style is my own, see/read my disclaimer for more information. This is an un-paid post.

February the month of love with Valentine’s Day fast approaching. Punky Pins have stepped up and released a whole load of Valentine’s themed pins to celebrate the occasion. With a collection of bad ass, love sick, Galentine and fun pins with some lovey dovey styles, singles and love is love designs, they really have thought of everyone. This inclusive collection screams to everyone no matter how they are celebrating Valentine's Day.

Punky Pins were kind enough to send me some of their Valentines collection* and I’ve been able to style these up and wear them in the city of love Paris well Disneyland to be specific but still it was magical. I’ll be honest and say that Valentine’s is something that me and Dean don’t go big with and it’s usually just another day but I appreciate the sentiment with the Day as a whole and each to their own to celebrate and people should choose to spend the day however they wish.

Back to the collection, Punky Pins have got creative and put together a strong selection of pins, one of my favourites is the ‘Peachy’ pin* as it’s a little cheeky (pun intended). Along with the peachy bum shaped pin there is a set of 'Tiddies' pins* and a slogan banner pin with the statement 'Romantic as Fuck'*. Anything with a swear on it really calls to me and I love the bad ass vibe from these pins.

Whilst in Disneyland I added some of these Valentine's pins to my brighter than life, pink Lazy Oaf layered frill dress which I picked up in the Manchester Sample Sale back in November. The dress has a frilly heart on the front so I added a few of the pins to this section, I got a few comments about the pins at Disney and people liked the style. The peachy pin* made it onto this selection along with 'Rather have a Dog Flowers' pin* which is totally true in my opinion. Who wants flowers when you can have a puppy, right? 'Brie Mine'* because who doesn't love a bit of cheese and a play on words always wins in my eyes. Lastly a little bit of self-love with the 'Sending Myself Love Letters' pin* which personally I think is cute as hell. I suppose I could of filled the heart with pins but sometimes less is more and in this case I think the style was successful. Everything is cute about this outfit!

If you can't wear a 'Beret' in France then, where can you? Of course, I took a trusty beret with me to Paris because I bloody love my berets and this one is a new one I picked up in the New Look sale last month and its leopard print... red leopard print! Absolutely perfect for Valentines and I had the culottes to match, you definitely couldn't miss me in Disneyland! Of course, I added a few more pins to the beret outfit because I've pretty much added pins to all of my berets now, it’s such an easy way to style your pins and you can add as few as 1 pin to a collection; I choose 3 of the Punky Pins Valentines collection for this look. First up one of my favourites from the range, 'No1 Romance Killer'* which is a rosette design and is rather big in size; it was the centre piece of my trio. This pin really stands out and would look amazing on your lapel too! Alongside that killer pin I added the 'Romantic as Fuck' pin* which probably wasn't Disneyland friendly but eh well, it’s a smaller sized pin and paired really well with the rosette. Lastly, I pinned the 'Burning Love Matchbox' pin* to add some more colour into the mix.

Which pin would you get your other half? Gal pal? Yourself? Grab them all from Punky Pins here.  Use code 'RIGHTINTHEFEELS' for 20% off the Valentine's pins! (not an affiliate)

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