Have a cheeky cocktail this summer with Playtime*

July 08, 2018

Playtime are a water-based lube brand in the UK, their PR company recently invited me to a launch event in Manchester but unfortunately I couldn’t make it however I’ve been sent some of the new cocktail range to sample and give my thoughts on.

Sometimes we all need a little help and lubes can make things more fun, exciting and experimental. Playtime have a small range of lubes available which are priced at £1.00! I could hardly believe it when I found out they was only a pound, this really affordable. Playtime is available in Poundland and The Range so they are easily accessible on the high street too.

The new cocktail flavour range is fun and different, Playtime have thought out side of the box and created tasty flavoured lubes with the performance of a high end brand. It’s not just your regular Strawberry flavoured product it’s 3 favourite cocktail flavours that taste amazing! 

Gin & Tonic* 
Who isn’t drinking Gin these days? It’s become a favourite drink of pretty much everyone and I’m no different however I prefer my gin with lemonade rather than tonic. I was excited to taste this Gin & Tonic lube though to see if it actually tasted of gin. I was pleasantly surprised to actually taste the gin flavour and it was a long lasting taste too. The tonic element is very much present too which did put me off a little bit as I’m really not a fan of tonic. If your a big fan of Gin and Tonic then this is the lube flavour for you! 

A Mojito is a classic cocktail in my opinion and is a common taste with mint and rum. Now this is definitely not my drink of choice but the lube was fresh, minty and tingled a little on the tongue; I’m guessing that might be the mint element. Again the flavour lasted and it wasn’t just a small bit of flavour which went away. I’d actually choose this flavour over the Gin & Tonic especially for the tingling extra. 

Sex on the Beach*
A holiday favourite, Sex on the Beach is such a summer cocktail that it brings back holiday memories. I found this lube to be the truest to taste and it really was just like drinking a cocktail, of course in different circumstances; haha. A strong fruity and fun flavour that not only tastes great but smells great too. If your into a fruity cocktail or two then grab this lube for some summer fun. 

All 3 of the lubes performed well and if I was rating them just on performance I would highly recommend them. The price is budget but the product is high end in my opinion and I will continue to use Playtime’s products in the future. If I had to rate the flavours I would put Sex on the Beach at number one and Gin & Tonic in third but of course everyone has different tastes so for the price, you could pick up all three and try them for yourselves.

*These products were sent to me to sample and review, all opinions and comments are my own. 

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