Kat Von D Beauty X Divine collection

March 15, 2018

It’s always so exciting when Kat Von D Beauty release new products but when they are limited edition it’s even more special. Kat announced that she was releasing a makeup collection inspired by the one and only drag queen Divine. Divine is one of Kat’s muses and she wanted this palette to be a symbol of individuality, self expression and positivity. Divine was a very inspiring person and always stayed true to himself, he brought hope and inspiration to marginalised subcultures. A fun fact is that Disney’s Ursula was inspired by Divine, how awesome is that! The Kat Von D x Divine collection is super limited edition and has an 8-pan eyeshadow palette and a studded kiss lipstick.

At the end of February I went to the Trafford Centre with a friend and as I was passing the KvD Beauty counter I spotted the collection so I rushed over and asked was it on sale yet and the girl said yes I could buy it. I purchased the palette then as I was too excited about the shades and packaging. Last week I ordered the lipstick to make my collection complete. 

Let's talk packaging first; Divine’s beautiful eyes fill the palettes cover and bring inspiration before I’ve even opened the palette to see the shades. Inside the palette there is a mirror in the lid which has Divine’s shaped brows on it which I thought was a perfect design choice for this palette, it's a nice little touch to add to the palette’s limited edition feel too. There are 8 shades in the palette ranging from golden glimmer shades to deep greys and blacks. Each pan is filled with velvety soft shadow which blends like a dream and the shade range means there’s so many looks to achieve! You can be bold and striking or go with a colourful neutral look and still be your best self, it’s what the palette is for. I personally like the ‘pink flamingos’ shade which is a neon green colour that adds a pop of colour and sparkle wherever to apply it. 

To start how awesome is that the lipsticks case is green instead of the usual black, all the brands logo's are in the same place but this bright neon green case is just wonderful! (You won’t lose this in your bag as it can’t be missed) The lipstick is named after Divine and is a beautiful nude shade which compliments the eye palette perfectly. I was always a little scared of wearing nude shades but since discovering Lolita from KvD Beauty and Backtalk from Urban Decay I’ve opened my lipstick collection up to nudes. I had to have this lipstick to complete my Kat Von D x Divine collection and as you can probably tell the packaging did really pull me in, I’d of brought this no matter what shade the lipstick was. As usual with any of Kat’s Studded Kiss lipsticks they apply easily and have a creamy texture that lasts all day with no need to re-apply. 

I’m super happy to have this limited edition set in my makeup collection and I will get so much use from the palette as I love a bold eye look and like to experiment with different shades and finishes. Both the palette and lipstick are available at Debenhams exclusively in the UK, you can order online or visit one of the Kat Von D Beauty counters in stores. 

Have you checked out the collection yet? Show us your bold looks...  

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  1. I LOVE the neon green lipstick casing and those shades are all gorgeous!

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com

    1. It’s beaut isn’t it? Love the different coloured case and yes the shades are gorgeous 🙌🏻

      Gem x


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