Hello Summer with July's Glossybox

July 24, 2017

As you all know I recently un-subscribed to Glossybox after 18 months of being a Glossy. I was starting to find the products didn't fit my profile and wasn't what I would use so cancelled my sub a few months ago however after seeing that Spectrum Collections was featured in this months box I re-subbed and I'm loving the contents of my box again!

Hello Summer is the first of Glossy's special summer boxes and to start the box is screaming summer vibes and happy times. The pretty pink/coral box with 'hello summer' printed in gold on the lid is definitely a keeper, I always try to re-use my boxes and this one will be staying on show in bedroom because it's so lovely. So like I said above Spectrum Collections are featured this month along with four other brands; four of the five items included are full size and this makes the box really great value for money. 

Spectrum are my favourite makeup brush brand and one of the nicest brands out there, the sisters behind the business work super hard and have done really well for themselves. I already have a few of Spectrum's brushes in my collection but lucky enough I don't have this small fan brush; not in pink anyway. The fan brush is perfect for applying powders, highlighters, dusting away fall out and setting make up. I have used this mainly for applying highlighter and setting powder; the fan glides over my skin easily applying enough product in one sweep; the brush gathers plenty of product to dust both my cheeks with daytime highlighter. The pink handle and purple/blue bristles give the brush a unicorn theme which we all know is what Spectrum was going for; I'm super happy to add this to my collection.

This is the first banana powder product that I've used and I'm really impressed, at first the yellow colour put me off thinking it would show on my skin but the powder blends in well and becomes translucent on my skin. The yellow tone does help to hide blemishes and redness and gives me a smooth clear look when I'm wearing it. This full size tub is amazing value because the box price is under half the price of this, I wouldn't normally buy a powder at this price but its been lovely to try this out and it will last me a long time. I tend to set my makeup under my eyes especially, on my t-zone and forehead and only lightly powder the rest of my face. I'll definitely not be put off by other yellow toned powders in the future now.

Cutebalms Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry - full size - £5.99
Who doesn't love a lip balm, I always have a lip balm in my bag which is with me all the time; with the weather changing all the time my lips can suffer so I go through quite a lot of balms. The summer months can make them dry and sometimes burnt if I'm not careful too. This cute macaroon lip balm smells delicious and smooths onto my lips nicely, it has a subtle pink tint to it that stays on my lips for quite a while; its nothing too in your face though. The shape of the lip balm is great for popping into your bag, pocket or makeup bag and is easy to open and close with just a twist off motion. The balm itself is soothing and isn't sticky at all, I've been applying a little when needed and my lips are in great condition.

These spiral springy hairbands are so much more comfortable to wear than an elastic bobble, I've been using these style of bands for some time now and I'm was happy to find some more in my box this month. Papanga is a brand I've not heard of before but the product quality is really good, the bands are strong yet flexible and hold my hair in place all day and most importantly, they hold my hair comfortably. I can suffer from headaches when my hair is up for a long time but since using these types of hairbands I've suffered a lot less. The colours I received are summer colours and fit into the box theme wonderfully.

I think we all get sun burnt from time to time and even if we don't applying a good after sun after sun exposure is a good way to add moisture back into your skin. I'm glad that this Mona Professional after sun is in a tube and smaller than full size because it's great to pop in your hand luggage, bag or beach bag. The lotion soaks into my skin quickly leaving my skin soft to touch and the Aloe Vera ingredient helps to sooth sun exposed skin. The lotion also has Vitamin E and Shea butter adding softness and hydrating the skin when its needed most. Glossy having after sun featured in the summer edition box was a good shout to add to the theme.

It's safe to say that I'm impressed with the content of this months box and I've decided to keep my sub going at least for the summer edition boxes. Next months box design looks as fabulous as July's from the sneak peek so I'm looking forward to seeing what's inside. 

If you fancy signing up to Glossybox you can do so here using my referral link, you'll get your first box for £5.00 (+P&P) and enjoy the summer edition boxes like I will. The August box has another summer slogan on the lid and is a lovely beach hut blue colour; both totally go hand in hand together and will look great on any dressing table. 

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