Kiehl's Manchester Boutique and First impressions

March 05, 2017

Kiehl's is a brand that started in 1851 and was a typical 19th century apothecary supplying New Yorkers with pharmaceutical tonics and medicinal salves made from natural ingredients. The original pharmacy was located on Third Avenue on the corner of 13th street and the flagship store is still there today! It was during the 1960's that Kiehl's started to turn it's attention to creating hair and skin care products which were and still are made with natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. I think Kiehl's has stuck by its roots especially with the product packaging and sourcing ingredients, it was fantastic to learn and read up about the full history of Kiehl's; you can read more on the website here.

A few weeks ago I was invited to be one of the official Kiehl's MCR bloggers which I was really happy about, the first official blogger event was a very informative and relaxed evening. 
The boutique staff told us all about Kiehl's, the history and brand which was all very interesting; it was good to learn about the brand as a whole instead of just the products. Kiehl's MCR is a stand alone store with a lovely bunch of staff, they all made me feel welcome and answered all my questions I had on the evening; we was shown around the store and introduced to new products and customer favourites. The store has a very open feel to it and lots to see including a Harley Davidson bike which of course took my fancy. 

Whilst at the event we was all given a skin care consultation; anyone can go into store to have a skin care consultation so pop in if your in Manchester. The service starts with 2 tabs being placed on your face (forehead and cheek), these tell you and the staff what skin type you have; mine was pretty normal with a slight bit of oil on my t-zone which I expected and slight dryness on my cheeks; I've put this down to the weather and my lack of morning skin care routine. Claire the Kiehl's assistant who did my consultation provided me with information about what products would be best suited for my skin, these was; Ultra Facial Cleanser, Ultra Facial Toner and Hydro Plump Serum to prepare my skin and to care for it the Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream. I was also told to use the Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is a customer favourite and was very popular with some of the other bloggers at the event. Claire wrote this all down for me a spoke me through each product, how to apply them and what results I should achieve. The consultation was quite quick and enjoyable with lots of information; I think anyone could benefit from finding out more about their own skin. All the bloggers was given a goodie bag with 3 full size favourites in and a few deluxe samples, it was such a generous goodie bag, thank you Kiehl's! 

The second part of the evening was all about the newest launch from Kiehl's. Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream is a new moisturiser with Manuka honey and Red Ginseng Root Ginger ingredients; this is the first time these two ingredients have been used together in a product. Pure Vitality visibly renews skin and gives a smoother texture and healthy looking radiance. Manuka Honey is sustainably-sourced from New Zealand and the Red Ginseng Root Ginger is native to Korea and is used in Asian medicine. Having both these ingredients in Pure Vitality gives many benefits including; resistance to damage, renewing, glowing skin and smooth texture.

The cream's scent is beautiful and you can clearly smell the honey ingredient which I was happy about since I might of not liked the ginger scent if it was more prominent. A small amount of the cream covers my whole face, you need to rub the cream into your fingers then apply to your face; this disperses the cream efficiently. Pure Vitality is great value for money because of this, I hate spending my cash on products that don't last 2 minutes. I was given a couple of deluxe samples of PV and have been using them along side the Ultra Facial Cream and have absolutely loved it, more so than the Ultra cream. I prefer the scent of PV and the softness of my skin, you can literally feel the softness after the first application. 

First Impressions

Ultra Facial Cleanser - This is a gentle cleanser in a liquid formula and doesn't dry out or strip your skin. My first impressions was that the liquid is very sticky and quite thick towards my usual cleanser but the results was good. The cleanser removes my make up easily with only a little bit of product because the liquid is a little sticky it seems to go a long way. I put some on a cotton pad and swipe over my face to remove my makeup, my skin is left feeling clean and refreshed.

Ultra Facial Cream - I've been using this facial cream along side the Pure Vitality and as I've said earlier I do prefer the PV however this is a great cream for applying quickly and for day or night applications. The cream is quite thin and blends in beautifully leaving a soft feeling straight away. The reason I like the PV more than this is because of the scent, the Ultra is unscented and I like my products to smell nice if possible. I can say that my skin is soft as ever and doesn't feel as dry as it did before I started to use both of these creams.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate - It's no wonder this was one of the other bloggers and customer favourites, I have loved loved loved using this concentrate. I haven't used anything similar to this in the past and it wasn't something I would use but now I will continue! Midnight Recovery is a night-time facial oil which restores the appearance of your skin by morning. A few drops blended into my skin at night as my last step of my routine not only was easy to do but left my skin smelling amazing and by morning my skin was looking even better. I have used this every night for the past few weeks and will continue to use it from now on.

Now I know more about my skin type and which products to use I have started to use more and more skin care products, I would recommend to anyone that they go for a consultation and learn about your skin and try some Kiehl's products whilst your there. This is the first time I've used Kiehl's skin care and I am really impressed, I can't wait to go back and speak to the staff about other products. 

I'm looking forward to working with Kiehl's Manchester more this year and attending in-store events, I will keep you all up to date on here and via my social channels. Thanks again Kiehl's MCR and Kiehl's for inviting me to be an official blogger and for the very generous goodie bag! 

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