Glossybox LOVE February 2017

February 22, 2017

February is Valentine's month so Glossybox have given us a themed box to celebrate this. With a arty box design featuring the word LOVE in Glossybox's favourite colour pink and a glossy pink bottom half; the black and white stripe featured gives the box a graphic look and it all fits together perfectly for this love themed box.

Glossy gave us two sneak peeks before sending the boxes out so we knew about 2 of the 5 products inside the box. I'll be honest I wasn't too excited about the sneak peeks this month but that didn't stop me looking forward to receiving my box and seeing what items was inside ... 

Ciaté London Paint Pot in Iced Frappe - full size - RRP £9.00
Ciaté is a brand I use regularly to paint my nails as I got one of the advent calendars last year so have been using these a lot. This is a full size paint pot which is great as all of my Ciaté products are mini sized. The shade Iced Frappe is the perfect nude shade and great for everyday wear, I can wear it all week and it matches everything with being an neutral shade. I'm usually an all colour gal but when it comes to nail polish I don't mind an nude shade which lasts. All of my Ciaté polishes have amazing staying power and this pot is no different, I always apply 2 coats and a top coat so my polish lasts up to a week which is fantastic for a busy person like me. I am really happy with this item, its my favourite item in the box this month; I love the little bow on the front of the bottle too.

Me Me Me Beat the Blues in Oyster Gold - full size - RRP £7.25
I was a little confused when I first saw this item as I thought it was another nail polish but it's actually a highlighter and illuminator. The applicator is just like a nail polish brush though so you can see why I was confused. I haven't heard of this brand before so this was a completely new discovery for me but I wish I could say it was a good discovery. The highlighter didn't impress me in more aspects than one; the application is messy and the brush holds too much product meaning you can sometimes apply too much, once applied you need to blend this in which then left me with very little glow and a streaky/shiny look and finally the product has a funny smell to it. I'd like to say this was a good highlighter and that I liked the brand but neither have impressed me and at £7.25 its not a super cheap product.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm - sample size - RRP for full size £4.49
This was the only sample size product in the box this month and its a healthy sample which I actually got 2 uses out of. Garnier have created a hair treatment to restore hair to a nourished and glossy state. I have bleached hair so I am consistently using hair treatments to keep my hair looking healthy. First of all this Ultimate Blends balm smells so nice, the honey elements really stand out so it was a pleasure to have this on my hair for 5 minutes. I applied this treatment to freshly washed hair and concentrated on working the balm into the ends and damaged areas of my hair then washed it off after 5 minutes. The results I was left with was glossy looking hair after it was dried and this lasted a couple of days, my hair also felt smoother and softer; after the second time using the product it was clear that there was less damage in my hair. Think I'll be picking up a full size of this product next time I go into Boots.

La Theorie Des Volcans Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub - full size - RRP £26.00
I saw this product on the sneak peeks Glossy had given us earlier in the month and I was a little tried of seeing yet another face mask type product in my sub-boxes however I was blown away with this product. This volcanic paste is more of a facial scrub than a mask, it cleanses and purifies whilst also smoothing and plumping skin. Applying the paste in circular movements and watching it turn from pink to grey I feel like I can see and feel the product purifying my skin. It's so refreshing! The added bonus is that this Youth Potion is 90% natural, Vegan, silicone free and paraben free which really gives the product an all round good quality vibe. I'm really glad I've been able to try this face scrub as the price tag would of put me off at first but after getting the smooth and purifying results I would repurchase.

JeAnne Arthes L'Eau de Rose - full size - RRP £20.00  
Floral perfumes aren't something I buy or go for, this Rose scented Eau de Parfum has a very floral scent but with a modern twist. Its not too over powering for a rose scented product but one spray is enough for me. I did get compliments the first time wearing this so it was nice that other people could smell my perfume as well. I have also used this as a room spray and loved it for this use, I personally think I will continue to use this scent as a room spray and not as a perfume. It was still a nice treat to receive in my box and it's full size so adds value for money to Glossybox.

On the content card that comes with every Glossybox was a sneak peek for next month which will include a Sleek Makeup eye and cheek palette and if you was quick enough you was able to pick your own palette. I made my choice as soon as I got the email through and went with the lightest palette ready for Spring and Summer. I'm looking forward to seeing what else my box will include next month. If you want to sign up to Glossybox you can use my referral link here and if your a student you can use your UNiDAYS to get a discount too.

Check back next month for my March Glossybox review. 

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