Makeup Obsession - A new brand from Tam Beauty - Available in Boots

November 02, 2016

Makeup Obsession is new brand to come from Tam beauty the creators of Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup. I was super excited about this new brand and couldn't wait to get my hands a palette. I had been stalking the Boots website as soon as Makeup Obsession launched but really wanted to swatch some of the shades before buying; luckily Boots in Manchester got a Makeup Obsession stand pretty quickly.

Makeup Obsession's philosophy is simple according to the Boots website stating that they offer a huge selection of shades which are highly pigmented and easily clip in and out of the brands palettes. There are different sized and coloured palettes to choose from so you can create a makeup palette to suit you. Currently on the Boots website there are 4 large palettes and 6 medium palettes to choose from with prices starting from just £4.00; there's even a rose gold palette!

My idea was to create the perfect travelling palette so I can save some makeup bag space whenever I go away (which isn't very often to be honest haha). I wanted to have contour, highlight and a blush shade along with base eyeshadows, shimmer and matte shadow shades. This would give me the freedom to have a few makeup looks from just one palette.

I went with a glossy white palette which was actually the cheapest at just £5.00 for a large size; this palette fits 12 pans inside. I chose my face makeup shades first starting with a contour; there was 5 powder shades and 5 cream shades ranging from fair to dark skin tones. However after swatching a few of the contour shades I actually found a blush shade that was perfect for a contour, Blush B111 Glow is just dark enough to leave a subtle shadow under my cheek bones; it's also really blendable so can be worked into my cheeks easily. Next up was of course a highlight, I went a little wild here and went with a pink shade that has serious highlighting goals. The shade is H104 Moon and it's so sparkly and glittery, I've enjoyed using this over my eyeshadows to add some sparkle too. With 4 cream shades and 6 powder I'm sure you will find a highlighter that you like. Finally for the face shades, a blush, this took me a while to find a suitable shade. From 11 shades I couldn't really find a match for my pale skin tone, I had a full hand of swatches and finally decided on the shade B106 Fancy, I thought it would fit into my palette well. All the contour, highlight and blush shades are priced at just £3.00 which I thought was great value as the pans are pretty big.

I haven't actually fully filled my palette yet but have started my eyeshadow selection with 3 shades; 1 base/inner-eye highlight, 1 matte and 1 shimmer shade. I want to add 2 more shades in each selection so I have a choice of makeup looks. For a base shade that's also awesome as an inner eye hightligher the matte E105 White Out shade is perfect; it's literally the whitest shade I own in my makeup collection. I love using this shade to start my eye makeup looks and it was a clear winner for some Halloween looks over the weekend.

As I'm a sucker for any purple shade I had to pick up the E116 Royal which is a 'royal' purple shade with a matte finish, its highly pigmented and holds up really well all day. I only needed to apply a little of this shadow to fill my eyelid which makes it even more value for money.

The last shade I choose was a shimmer shade for the winter season, this really is a christmassy shade in my opinion. E145 Azure is a sparkly deep blue shade that really glistens in any light. You could create some amazing looks with this blue shade for the upcoming festive parties.
Each eyeshadow shade is priced at £2.00, again I feel these are amazingly priced; I would buy these as single eyeshadows if I didn't have the palette too.

Placing the pans in the palette is super easy, I think Makeup Obsession have really made creating your own palette a breeze. Each pan comes in single packaging and after you've opened the lid you can pop out the pan by pushing up from the base. The pan pops out easily and can be placed into your chosen palette by pressing the pan into one of the empty spaces; you will hear a little click. Once the pans are in place they stay in place and have very little movement. I'd like to find a use for the empty single packaging but I'm yet to think of anything, let me know if you have any ideas as I hate throwing stuff away. Each palette also comes with a full size mirror in the lid which is brilliant for travelling with which of course is my purpose for this palette.

 The next time I'm in Manchester I will be hitting up the Makeup Obsession stand in Boots and choosing more eyeshadows to complete my travelling palette. I think I will stick to my favourite colours and bright shades so I can take this to next years music festivals.


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  1. How have I not heard of Makeup Obsession?! This looks so good, I'm definitely going to have to check them out next time I'm in Manchester, they sound so good! Thanks for sharing lovely ps you're photography is on point!😍😍xxx

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words lovely!!
      Yes go and check the stand out in Boots its very exciting seeing all the shades you can pick to build your own palette!
      Thanks again
      Gem x


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