Birchbox October Box - Air Star Sign

October 31, 2016

Birchbox have put together a star sign themed box for October, which includes a fabulous themed box that I can't get enough off. Each subscriber received one of four boxes this month from the astrological elements theme; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. If your beauty profile is updated you would of received your own sign box; I'm an Aquarius so my box was the Air element which was a purple/blue starry box that even glows in the dark. I'm so happy the drawer box is back this month and I personally think the boxes should stay in this design forever, they are so useful for storage and putting on display on my dressing table.

Inside the starry drawer box this month was 6 items including 1 makeup product, 3 skin care items, 1 hair care and a makeup tool. I would of preferred more makeup items I'm not going to lie; but overall with the box design especially I'm quite happy with my box this month.

Lord & Berry 20100 Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick in shade Intimacy - RRP £12.00 - full size 
This Lord & Berry lip crayon was the only makeup item in the box this month but it's a full size product and worth more than the box price. I enjoy using Lord & Berry products and have received a couple of their makeup items in Birchbox over the past year. I've tried these lip crayons in the past but never a matte finish one so I was excited to try this out. The shade is perfect for Autumn and applies really easily; with being a crayon I can line my lips then just fill them in, with just this one product saving a little bit of time on a rushed morning. I can't feel the product on my lips when being worn so this makes it very comfortable to wear and great for an everyday lipstick.

Whish Renewing Mud Mask - RRP £29.00 - travel size 
With the weather and season changing, face masks are a much needed beauty product for me; my skin can suffer during the colder months so it needs some extra TLC. I've received other Whish products in my sub-boxes so I knew about the brand however I hadn't tried this mud mask. First of all I'm happy to see the leaping bunny logo on the back of this product and to read that it is paraben free, sulphate free, phthalate free, DEA and TEA free; its also naturally sourced with organic ingredients. If you want a mud mask that's quick and successful then this is the product for you! After applying in circular motions you only need to leave the mask on for between 15 seconds and 2 minutes; I personally left the product on for the full 2 minutes to make sure I felt and saw all the results. The results was really good too, I felt my face was refreshed in only a short amount of time which was excellent.

Doux Me Pure Spring Mist BIRCHBOX EXCLUSIVE - RRP £16.00 - travel size 
Upon my first impressions I thought this could of been a setting spray but after looking closer this is a refreshing water mist spray. This was a new product and brand for me and I was excited to sample it, I sprayed the mist on my face and I was surprised at how refreshing this spray felt; on a hot day or in a busy situation this would be a welcomed treat. I would of liked the product to dry a little quicker than it did so I could carry on with my day straight away but I suppose this isn't an issue. I do also feel that £16.00 is very steep for a can of water mist, I think you can buy cheaper versions of this product in stores like Body Care and Superdrug.

Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Magic Touch Body Cream - RRP £19.50 - travel size
You can't beat a good Rituals product in a subscription box, this brand has appeared many times in my sub-boxes. This is a body cream which smells amazing with scents of cherry blossoms, the cream smooths onto my skin beautifully with only a small amount going really far. My dry elbows and knees are feeling the effects of using this body cream for a few weeks now, they feel really soft to touch. I have used this product on my hands also and the scent is really long lasting too; I like the travel size of this product as I can pop into my handbag.

Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixir Restore & Repair Oil - RRP £18.00 - sample size
I can't get over how amazing this hair oil actually is, at first I wasn't sure what the product was with having quite simple packaging with nothing really noticeable to say what the product was at first glance. I was happy to receive a hair oil because my hair is currently damaged from colour stripping and bleaching; so its still in recovery. This oil was super easy to apply and a little goes a very long way, I put a pea sized amount in the middle of my hand and rubbed my hands together before running the oil through my hair working especially on the damaged ends. You can feel the difference straight away and the results last a few days. I've actually already picked up another mini bottle of this hair oil because I've loved using it!

Birchbox Eyebrow Brush BIRCHBOX EXCLUSIVE - RRP £1.99 - full size
Receiving a 6th item is usually a bonus however I was slightly disappointed with this brow brush. Does anyone actually use this sort of brush anymore? I had many of these when I was younger but now don't seem to use them; because I have no use for it. I think a spoolie brow brush would of been much more welcomed by not only me but by other subscribers too. Sorry Birchbox.

The box design this month was one of my favourites I've received in the year I've been a subscriber and I am really happy with the Lord & Berry lipstick and Number 4 hair oil products especially. It's now the end of October so it will soon be time for November's box to arrive, I'm looking forward to the sneak peaks this week hopefully. If you want to sign up to Birchbox you can use my referral link here and receive £5.00 worth of Birchbox points to spent in the Birchbox shop.

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