Girl Meets Brush 6-Piece Smokey Eyes & Eyeliner set

November 14, 2016

Girl Meets Brush was founded in 2015 by Lynne Mills a celebrity makeup artist; she created a range of 12 essential makeup brushes for use by professionals and non-professionals. Lynne Mills started her career studying in Manchester and had a desire to run her own business, she set up the EyeCandy Pro team in 2005, which is an award winning company within the bridal industry. Lynne is the co-founder of eye-lash company Miss Flicklash by Eylure which will be relaunched with new branding in 2016 according to the GMB website.

As well as buying these beautiful brushes, with each full set you also get an online makeup consultation but you can also purchase makeup master-class sessions via the website too. I found GMB through Dollibox, a few months ago a Girl Meets Brush were featured in Dollibox; I liked that the brushes handles are a grey colour with a matte black bristle holder, this is very different towards other makeup brush brands and made them stand out to me. All of Girl Meets Brush's products are Vegan friendly and cruelty free too.

I went ahead and ordered the 6-piece Smokey Eyes & Eyeliner set which is priced at £44.99, this comes with 6 makeup brushes, a GMB brush bag and an online makeup consultation. I was really excited for my brushes to arrive and couldn't wait to try them out. I haven't claimed the online makeup consultation so I won't have any comments on that but I have found the brushes to be amazingly good quality, aesthetically pleasing to look at and they apply makeup really well.

I particularly went with the eye set as that's what I spend most of my time on when applying makeup and I have a lot of different eye products so having plenty of eye brushes is beneficial for me. The 6 brushes included are; the Eyeshadow Shader brush, Eyeshadow Blending brush, Pencil brush, Highlighter Blending brush, Angled Eyeliner brush and an Eyeliner brush. The GMB bag is the perfect length to fit all the brushes in and leaving plenty of room for my makeup products too, I like that the bag is clear so I can see everything inside.

Highlighter Blending brush & Pencil brush 

These are my two favourite brushes in the set, I particularly like the 'Pencil' brush, this is a really versatile makeup brush. You can apply almost everything with this, it's great for applying eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyes and packing a lot of pigment onto your eyes; the brush holds a lot of product and by dabbing the brush onto my eye I found it left a lot of product on my eye lids, this saves me so much time! The 'Highlighter' brush is another fabulous shaped brush, not only is this brush perfect for applying your base eyeshadows but also for applying highlighter to the tops of your cheeks, nose and brow bone; again its a versatile brush. All the brushes bristles are soft and so they are save to use around the eye area which can be delicate.

Eyeshadow Blending brush & Eyeshadow Shader brush

The two eyeshadow brushes are probably the two I use most, the Eyeshadow Blending brush is used for every eye look because we all know that blending is key to creating most looks. I like the domed shape of the brush and the soft bristles help to blend your eyeshadow easily, the bristles are also longer than some of the other brushes which also helps to blend and can reach all over your eye at ease. The Eyeshadow Shading brush is a flat brush with fine fibres which is great for applying a full base shade or working into the crease of your eye. The flat shape of the brush creates a denser feel to the bristles so a little product goes a long way on this brush too.

Angled Eyeliner brush & Eyeliner brush

Eyeliner brushes are a brush I don't use very often for the only reason that I find applying eyeliner with a brush difficult and usually stick to my felt tip pen style products. I have used this eyeliner brush for applying brow product in small strokes, this helped me create a fuller looking brow. The Angled Eyeliner brush to me looks like a brow brush but again this just gives the brush multiple uses; like all of the GMB brushes. The angled brush is slightly wider than a standard brow brush meaning applying eyeliner with it would probably be easier as more of your eye is covered in one stroke, again I haven't used this brush for applying for eyeliner but used it on my brows and to tidy up my lipstick. Using this brush around my lips to tidy up a rushed lipstick job was easy and effortless, the shape of the brush and a little concealer makes small lippie mistakes disappear.

To fully review these brushes, I have washed them a few times to see how they dried and if the quality held up after washing. I can confirm that the brushes washed easily with product coming out of the brushes with brush wash and a brush cleaning tool. I always dry my brushes upside down or hanging off a shelf so they dry well so I did this with my GMB set and found they dried in the same shape they arrived in and the quality is just the same even after quite a few washes.

I'm very impressed with everything about these brushes; the company, design, quality and uses are all spot on, I will definitely be purchasing another set in the future!


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