Don't spill your nail polish, get a Tweexy!

November 11, 2016

Tweexy have created a nifty tool that holds your nail polish so you always have somewhere to put the bottle when painting your nails but you can also wear the Tweexy on your fingers making this such a niche and innovative tool. I personally have been following Tweexy on social media for sometime and I knew about the product, recently Tweexy contacted me to ask if I would like a sample to try, of course I took them up on this offer and here's my thoughts on the amazing tool.

You really can polish on the go with Tweexy, if I'm running late my nails always get pushed back or forgotten about but with this Lilac Dreams (purple) Tweexy I can apply polish whilst travelling either in a car or via train/bus. Having this tool means the bottle of polish is safe from spills or drips, as a very clumsy person I've found this to be a life saver!

The fact that I can wear the nail polish holder on my fingers is another creative quality to Tweexy, there are two tabs on each side of the tool, when you squeeze the tabs inwards the finger rings open, allowing you to attach it too any of your fingers. Once the tool is securely in place, I can insert my chosen nail polish into top of the tool which holds the bottle. I can open and close the bottle at ease because the silicone material has enough grip to hold the bottle in place; I just have to gently press down on the bottle and twist the cap off.

I was very surprised to find that my Tweexy fits so many different shaped bottles of polish, I tried every bottle shape I had including miniature polishes, square, circular and large standard sized bottles. All of them fit comfortably in the tool! I won't be be applying my nail polish without this tool from now on because it makes a sometimes tedious task so much quicker and efficient.

The Tweexy is available in a range of colours from this lilac dreams purple to spa green and sapphire night blue, you can buy your favourite colour for £14.95 from the Onogo website.

*PR Sample - All views are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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  1. Absolutely love the look of this Tweexy hun, so useful and such an innovative little device that we totally all need. It can be such a pain painting nails, so this looks 100% perfect for saving time and making the process all the easier. I'm also so clumsy so it would be good for me for sure haha ;) How fab that it fits so many different nail polish bottles too. I totally adore how yours is the lilac dreams colour; how perfect for you and your purple pretty self? That's definitely fate calling! As always such a gorgeous, informative review my beaut babe! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Thanks so much beaut!! I love that your comments always show that you've read my post, it means at lot. The Tweexy is a fab little thing for us clumsy girls haha. And yes the purple colour is just perfect for me and my purple loving inspo! Looking forward to reading some of your new posts too lovely!

      Gem x


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