Walk Through the Looking Glass with Urban Decay's new palette

June 05, 2016

The Alice in Wonderland books, films and merchandise have been a favourite of mine for years, I absolutely loved Tim Burton's take on Alice In Wonderland back in 2010 and now we have another instalment with Tim Burton on board but not directing this time with the Alice Through the Looking Glass movie which is now in cinemas. I went to watch it on Bank Holiday Monday and it was fabulous, I got so inspired throughout the film from the characters makeup and costumes.

I am as excited as the next person about the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass collection that launched on May 5th, you can read my post about the launch day at my local UD counter here. On launch day I was able to see the palette in all its glory and see the whole collection of lipsticks in the range too, as well as get my makeup done using the collection.

Urban Decay have very kindly sent the palette to me for a review, I literally squealed as I opened the parcel last week I was so excited. The palette is so gorgeous to look at, the eyeshadow shades are just beautiful and there is a shade for everyone and every look.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette priced at £43.00

We have all seen the palette on the Internet and probably in stores now so we all know how amazing it looks with the film quotes featured on the drawer front and inside the lid and of course the pretty blue butterfly hiding under the pull up doors which flutters as you open them. Under the lid also features a large mirror with the famous quote "We're all mad here", one of my favourite quotes from the Cheshire Cat. The palette really is a dressing table piece which is where I will be keeping mine; in pride of place. The palette packaging is very secure too with the eyeshadows being in the pull out drawer they are safe from damages when in the post and when travelling, the whole palette comes in a box too which of course matches the theme with the kaleidoscope imagery all over the box.

Inside the pull out drawer there are 20 eyeshadow shades in 5 sections each with 4 eye shadows included. Each of the 5 sections are inspired by a character from the film starting with Alice. Alice wears minimum makeup during the original film and Through the Looking Glass so these shades are nude in colour except for the bottom shade 'Metamorphosis' which is a periwinkle blue with sparkle; this reminds me of 'Absolem' the caterpillar and beautiful blue butterfly in the new movie. The other 3 shades; 'Looking Glass', 'Reflection' and 'Dormouse' in the Alice column are great for base shades or for when your wanting a 'no makeup' look.

Moving on to the second column themed with the Mad Hatter in mind, this is one of my favourite sections in the whole palette because I love bright eyeshadow colours. The first shade is 'Hatter' a green sparkly colour which is completely correct for the character, I like to pair this with the bottom shade 'Cake' a pink shimmer shade to create a bright stand out eye look. 'Gone Mad' is a purple pearl shade which of course I love being a fan of anything purple and 'Paradox' is another pearl shade but this time an orange colour, I think paradox has a pearl, shimmer and glitter result when being worn.

The third column hosts a few more stubble shades being themed on 'Mirana' (The White Queen) who wears white princess costumes and pale makeup (minus her dark lipstick) in both movies. The bottom shade 'Chessboard' is one of 3 matte shades in the palette, its a medium brown colour that's easy to work into many different looks. 'Kingdom' is another brownish shade but with more copper included and 'Duchess' is a peach/pink sparkle shade which is another great base shade. The top pan features another favourite shade of mine 'Lily' a opal pearl white shade; this is just gorgeous on and can be used on the inner corners to highlight your eyes and also as a highlighter under the brow line.

The last two sections move into darker shades that are great for smokey eye and vivid eye looks. 'Iracebeth' (The Red Queen) is the inspiration for the forth column and has two blue shades, a fierce metallic red and a base beige shimmer shade which can be used to add sparkle to any eye look; this shade is called 'Royal Flush'. 'Bandersnatch' is the second matte shade in the palette and its glorious; its a teal blue shade that melts onto my eyelids perfectly, I love it! 'Heads Will Roll' is the top shade of the column and the other blue shade however I think this has green elements reminding me of the colour of the time travelling sea; which will make sense to anyone who has seen the new movie. Lastly 'Salazen Grum' the metallic crimson red shade just screams the Red Queen with a fierce result, this was my favourite shade used at the launch day event.

Lastly 'Time' gives us the smokey yet elegant shades in the palette, this is my second favourite column because I'm a sucker for dark shades for a good old smokey eye. 'Time' is a almost black satin shadow which adds a mysterious dark look to anyone's eyes, I like to top with the next shade 'Dream On' which adds a sparkle and metallized look with a hint go purple too. 'Chromosphere' is another metallic shade with copper and bronze elements like the colours you would see on watch workings and spare pieces, again this will make sense to anyone who's already seen the movie. And the last shade in the palette is a grey 'Mirror' shade with a satin look so again it's great for that smokey look we all know and love.

Every shade in the palette works perfectly with the characters and reminds me of scenes, props and costumes in the new and old films which is exactly what I would expect from a movie themed palette.
The pigmentation of every shade is amazing just like any of the other UD eyeshadows, I always use the Potion Primer under any eyeshadow to help keep the shades vibrant and stay in place all day with no creases. With a range of shades from nudes, brights, sparkle and dark you can use this palette to create many many looks for everyday work makeup to 'I'm going on the biggest night out ever' makeup and you know each look will stay and last all day and night too!

There is a double ended brush included in the palette too, this has the same colourful imagery on the handle which matches the whole palette. The brush has a smudge and dense end along with a more loose brush on the other end; this is great for applying those base shades in the palette. The brush design is the same as the brush in my Vice4 palette and I use that brush all the time so I'm glad I have another quality brush to apply my eyeshadows.

Urban Decay have literally made the palette and collection of the year, its sold out nearly everywhere and social media went crazy over it, I was stalking the UD pages as soon as I heard about the palette.

So who's picked up any of the collection?? Let me know in the comments...

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