Glossybox May 2016 edition - Getaway Vibes

May 22, 2016

This month Glossybox has provided us with 5 travel friendly beauty essentials ready for our summer getaways or city breaks. There was also 4 limited edition box designs featuring city illustrations of Berlin, London, Paris and New York who are all home to their own Glossybox. Each box was designed by OMY Studio and was a colouring book style illustration; I was so happy I received the purple themed box which was Berlin, somewhere I have always wanted to visit!

Inside the beautifully designed box the products was wrapped in 'branded' Glossybox tissue paper which I was very impressed with and the usual ribbon but in white and branded sticker, it really is nice to receive something that is wrapped so nicely every month.

May's box features 5 beauty items and a foodie item which is something I have never received from Glossybox but was a welcomed treat of course. The two makeup items was full size products too.

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara - Full Size - £9.99
Glossy subscribers knew that there was a Revlon mascara inside this months box as we was able to choose the mascara type we wanted last month. I went for the definition type for two reasons; I do prefer my lashes to be more defined and to stand out, I also choose this mascara because of the wand, its a rubber spiky wand and not a brush style. The packaging has a purple cap and matte black bottom so you could say that was another reason I picked this mascara too, being a purple and matte fan. I have enjoyed using this mascara since receiving my box because it is very similar to my regular mascara but this one is much cheaper than my usual brand so that's really good. The shade is very black which is what I want from my mascara and only one coat is needed to achieve the look I want. Thumbs up on this product and because of the price difference to my current mascara I may be re-purchasing this Revlon mascara in the future.

Absolute New York Velvet Lippie in shade Lolita - Full Size - £4.93
I have never heard of this brand before but I have tried a lot of velvet lipsticks so I am comparing this one to others I've tried before. To start the shade is a little too pink for me, its like a Barbie pink and with my pale skin tone it doesn't really suit me. The texture when applying is a little bit matte yet still a little shinny too, after a few minutes the product does dry some more though. The lippie has a nice smell to it which was pleasant, it's a little fruity in my opinion which is always an extra. Coverage was good, one coat was enough to cover my lips perfectly, my only down fall with this product is that the staying power isn't good, one touch to my lips even after the product had dried and it smudged quite badly. I doubt this lipstick would last me all day and I would definitely need to re-apply; a lot more than I would want too I'm afraid.

BEE Good Youth Enhancing Plump & Firm Moisturiser 15ml - Full Size Priced at £23.50
I've started to use moisturiser a lot more lately and I am loving trying new products out. This BEE Good moisturiser is a sure winner, it smells amazing, rubs in easily and drys quickly, only a small amount is needed to apply to my whole face, the product leaves me with a natural glow after applying and its cruelty free (leaping bunny certified); oh and my skin so so soft right now!
Need I say more???
I have really enjoyed using this moisturiser and I will most definitely be purchasing a full sized product once this has run out. This little travel sized tube will be coming to the festival I'm attending next month, its a decent size for travelling with and is safe to take to festivals too with being in a tube and not a glass bottle.

Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil SPF 15 100ml - Full Size priced at £13.99
Thanks Glossybox, I now don't need to buy any sun protection for Download Festival because you sent me some. Hawaiian Tropic to me is an expensive sun care brand but its a good brand too, I have used their cream sun protection in the past and was successful in not burning my skin. This is a dry oil product which is something I have never used before, the product is a oil texture and when being applied is a little shiny but within a few minutes the oil is dry and your ready to hit the sun! I absolutely love the coconut smell, its very summery and pleasant! This 100ml bottle again is a decent size for travelling with or for just keeping in your handbag because we can't trust this British weather, raining one minute then the suns beaming down the next so keeping some sun protection handy would be beneficial.

Hairon Zero Crease Hair Ties PINK - Full Size - £3.99
I for one love these type of hair ties, the spiral design doesn't kink my hair when being worn tied up and doesn't pull on my hair either. I generally get a headache when I tie my hair up but since discovering this type of bobble, I have had less headaches when my hair is up, there are times when I have to tie my hair up like going to the gym (when I actually go, haha) or taking a shower on none hair washing days or when its face mask time so this little box of 3 pink hair ties will most definitely come in handy. They are very springy and smooth so they don't snag when I'm letting my hair down, I also like that they sort of hide themselves in my hair, they sink into the hair which I guess is why they don't kink my hair too. These was a great edition to the box this month, can we have some different colours Glossybox??

Proper Corn Lightly Sea Salted 10g packet 
Glossybox has spoiled us this month with an extra treat, this popcorn packet from Propercorn is the first foodie item I have received from Glossy so I don't know how often if ever they send foodie items but I did enjoy seeing a food item in my box. I'm a sweet not salty popcorn eater but with these only being lightly salted I did eat the packet and enjoyed the popcorn. Sweet flavour next time please.

I have to say this was a super box and I think Glossybox have upped their game over the past couple of months, I've loved each box more and more. I like it when we get a choice of something in the box too, it's nice to be involved in what goes into the boxes. Each item this month minus the lipstick will be used and taken away with me which is the purpose of the box this month, a Glossy Getaway!!

If your interested in signing up to Glossybox you can sign up here. If your a student you can get money off your first two boxes with UNiDAYS too.

Are you a Glossy subscriber? What was inside your box this month, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Aww so much gorgeousness here lovely! It was obviously meant to be you got the purple box as I so relate purple vibes with you and your unicorn magic! ;) I love the travel theme, oh so perfect for summer and your review is divine, loving your beautiful photography, just perfect! It's been a good few years since I went with Glossybox and it so looks as though they've upped their game, I agree 100%! Hawaiian Tropic always make the most dreamy sun-care products, this oil looks blissful! I love the look of the sea salted popcorn too, delish! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Thanks so much for reading beaut!! I love anything purple hehe thanks for the kind comments on my blog photography, I love taking product shots since studying at college 😊

      I've had a few good boxes from Glossy especially in the last couple of months, it's been on parr with Birchbox too!

      Can't wait for next months boxes.

      Gem <3 x


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