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June 30, 2016

Urban Decay have recently launched their 100 Vice Lipstick collection along with 50 lip liners to match; making this UD's biggest line up ever! The packaging is one of the biggest changes for UD, with making the lipsticks lighter in weight from the Revolution lipstick range, the new packaging features a gun-metal case with a gold base and debossed lettering, the actual lipstick has an embossed UD which is a great feature for any lipstick fan like me. I personally love the new packaging because its lighter and this also makes them cheaper than the Revolution range at just £15.00 per bullet, bargain I'd say.

This collection has a lipstick for everyone with bold brights, dark, sexy shades and super-versatile nudes and 6 finishes including mega matte (super-intense matte), comfort matte (cream matte), cream (original cream), metallized (cream with high level pearl), sheer (sheer shiny finish) and sheer shimmer (transparent with pearl). I was most excited to try the mega matte finish and I was not disappointed when I tried it on launch day when I visited my local UD counter, read about that day here. The lipsticks have super pigmentation, laying down amazing colour on the lips, each shade glides onto the lips effortlessly and nourishes them with aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils as ingredients in each bullet.

Last week I received a fabulous parcel from Urban Decay with 5 of the new lipsticks inside, I was so excited and couldn't wait to try them out, thank you so much UD!!
Since then I've been back to my local UD counter to buy 2 lip liners to match 2 of the lipsticks I was sent and along with my lipstick purchase on launch day I have put together a review of the shades here for you guys to read.

Metallized Vice Lipstick in shade Big Bang*
I tried this 'Big Bang' shade on launch day and fell in love with it straight away! I don't usually like pink lipsticks however this is a vivid bright shade that leaves a bold look. The metallized element makes my lips glittery and unique, I really like this shade and didn't think I would. I was worried that the texture of the lipstick would of been uncomfortable because of the metallized element but I was wrong, swiping over my lips was easy and wearing the lipstick was just as comfortable as any other lipstick from UD. I brought the lip liner in 'Big Bang' to apply before the lipstick and I'm glad I did because this shade is so unique I couldnt find a liner at home that matched it and using the liner all over my lips before applying the lipstick made the shade brighter. I was also very impressed with the staying power throughout the day, I applied in the morning and ate lunch/snacks, I didn't reapply until tea time which is amazing for such a bold shade!

Mega Matte Vice Lipstick in shade Pandemonium*
First of all this lipstick is purple so of course its one of my favourites, the purple shade is different to any purple lipstick I've had in the past. The shade isn't a dark purple or a light shade its somewhere in the middle making it so different. Pandemonium has a mega matte finish which I was very excited to try, I love matte shades and wanted to see the difference in the mega matte. The difference I found was the pigmentation was amazing, one coat left a flawless colour on my lips that I couldn't stop looking at. Again the longevity is great just like Big Bang my lipstick lasted all day even after eating and drinking. I also brought the lip liner in Pandemonium again because the shade is so unique so I needed the liner to match perfectly.

Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick in shade 1993
1993 was the shade I brought on launch day, I suppose this is a boring shade for me as I like my bolds, brights and dark shades but I wanted a lipstick that I could wear as an everyday lipstick for work and casual days. This brown comfort matte shade is perfect for what I wanted, the comfort matte finish is very comfortable and matte, exactly what it says it is. I particularly like that '1993' didn't feel dry but felt creamy on my lips, making it very very comfortable to wear. The lip liner helps to darken the shade when I apply liner to my whole lips not just the edges, the liners are as creamy as the lipsticks too, easy to apply and super pigmented. As for staying power, this was up there with the mega matte shades and lasted all day throughout meals too!

Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick in shade Backtalk*
This 'Backtalk' shade looks like a nude shade in the bullet but when swatched and being worn its darker and more pink than a nude in my opinion. I don't wear nude shades as I think they wash out my face a little but this adds a stubble natural look to my lips which is great for everyday wear. The shade is pink with a slight hint of purple which really is an original colour for a lipstick, I like this shade much more than I thought I would. Again with the comfort matte finish I gained my favourite matte finish but with a creamy texture and feel on my lips, I just can't get over how comfortable these comfort matte lipsticks are to wear.

Cream Vice Lipstick in shade Firebird*
Another bright shade that is right up my street, it's a fuchsia and purple shade with a cream finish. The shade is bright and can be applied with another shade for an ombre look easily with being a cream finish, I find that these finishes blend easier. I like the shine I achieve when wearing this shade, it's shine finish gives me a sleek party look thats really noticeable. I did find that 'Firebird' didn't last as long as the matte shades as there was a lot of transfer when eating and drinking but nothing a little lipstick top up couldn't fix.

Mega Matte Vice Lipstick in shade 714*
Bold, bright and mega matte; 714 is the red shade everyone needs. I personally think everyone can rock a red shade weather you think it or not, red lipstick is a go to of mine if I'm undecided or unsure on which shade to choose I always go for a red and you can't go wrong with a red shade. '714' is a cult favourite shade in the vice collection and with it being a mega matte shade its high up on my favourites list. To me this the shade that has the most matte look to it, straight from application you can see the matte finish which stays matte throughout the day, there is no pulling when applying and one stroke is enough to cover the lips in with the bold shade. Ready to rock!

Urban Decay have really outdone themselves with this massive launch, I love the choice of shades, finishes and the new packaging. UD have also launched the Vice Lipstick app where you can try on all the shades, you take a selfie then start swiping across the screen to try on the shades, the shades you like get saved so you can look back at them and see the shade names etc. This was an fantastic idea since there are so many shades to choose from, this helps with the struggle of trying on shades at the counter and getting sore/tinted lips.

I can't wait to see whats next from Urban Decay, we have had a couple of sneak peaks on social media of a Moondust palette (yes you read that right, exciting I know), new all nighter foundation and liquid liners. I can't wait to see them in stores, especially the palette.

Products marked with an * are a PR Sample

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  1. I'm normally quite a bold lipstick fan myself but the shade 1993 is absolutely stunning! x

    1. I know right, I'm surprised with Backtalk too! Wore it so much more than I thought even though it's not a bright/bold shade for me!
      Thanks for reading!
      Gem x


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