My first Pink Parcel box - 'It's a monthly thing' - May 2016

May 19, 2016

I've followed Pink Parcel on Twitter for some time now but never actually subscribed to their monthly box, last month they tweeted a discount code for the first 1000 people that sub will get their first box free. I took advantage of this fabulous offer and signed up; the sign up process was effortless and the website was easy to navigate too.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that supplies us ladies with the discrete items we need on a monthly basis as well as some lovely treats to help us get through that time of the month. You have a choice of 3 monthly dates to pick from for when you want your box delivered, pick the date which best suits you so you have your items in time for when you need them. It's an excellent idea and makes a sometimes unpleasant time more pleasant, its a monthly treat with a purpose.

The monthly box usually costs £9.95 for your first box and £12.99 thereafter including postage and packaging, this is a standard price for monthly sub boxes. It is also a very reasonable price for what was inside this months box...

Inside the outer box that is designed to fit through over 90% of letterboxes was more little boxes, each labeled with a little note to say what they are for; 'for now', 'for later', 'for down there' and 'for you'. The 'for you' box was the most exciting as this contained the treats for the month.

Inside this little box was an array of foodie, beauty and skin care items; I was surprised how much fitted into this little box. I'll start with the makeup/beauty items, my favourites of course.

Lottie London Conceal It Brush - £5.00
I have plenty of makeup brushes that I think I'm becoming a brush hoarder or just a makeup junkie, ha. This Lottie London cute mint green concealer brush is great because I do only have 1 or maybe 2 concealer brushes so you could say I'm low on this type of brush. I love the colour for a start and I have heard so many postive comments about Lottie London so I was excited to try this brush out. The bristles are soft but dense which is what you want for applying concealer, it holds enough product to give our under eyes a good conceal and I am thinking about purchasing some more brushes from Lottie on payday because I am impressed with the quality.

Cougar Perfect Pout Lip Plumper  - £29.00
This Cougar lip plumper is great for an everyday look because it is clear in shade, it applies like a lip gloss but feels a little heavy on the lips. I'm not a glossy person as in I don't tend to wear lip glossies at all because I find them sticky and heavy; unfortunately thats exactly what this product is like for me. However I absolutely love that this product is made in the UK, has a great package design and that it does actually plump my lips, I was shocked that my lips did look bigger when wearing this lip plumper. The product has peppermint as an ingredient which gives you that tingling effect too. I think this is a hit and miss product for me.

True Brit London Nail Polish in shade "It's a monthly thing" - £12.50
Pink Parcel have collaborated with True Brit London for the second time this month to bring us a grey nail polish with the shade name matched to Pink Parcel's logo tagline "It's a Monthly Thing".
First of all the packaging is very chic and British! I've had a toot on True Brit's website at there other shades of polish to find that they are all have British/London themed shade names which I think is an excellent idea! This is another product in the box thats made in the UK too. The shade is a pale grey colour that needs 2 coats to fully cover the nail, the box does state to apply 2 coats so this is perfectly fine. The brush and bottle look very expensive to me too for a nail enamel and even the inside of the box is branded which again makes this brand look expensive but for £12.50, I'd say the price is right.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner - 50ml size £1.29
Simple is a well known brand that are known for their 'simple' ingredients and kind to skin products. I haven't used many of the Simple products but know they offer great quality items. This toner is great for when your skin is let's say "playing up" and needs some extra TLC. This toner removes makeup and refreshes your skin at the same time. Adding a little to a cotton pad and wiping over my face was easy, my skin was left feeling fresh and clean. I will be taking this toner to the festival I'm attending next month because its a great size for travelling with.

Badger Sleep Balm Lavender & Bergamot - £4.99
This 100% organic and cruelty free sleep balm from Badger is a nifty little product with scents of lavender and bergamot to help relax you before going to sleep. You can apply it to your hands, chest, lips or temples to help calmly drift off to sleep. In the past as a teenager I would use lavender scented products before bed as I did find they calmed me, however I now seem to have a hay fever symptoms and lavender really makes me sneeze. I can clarify that it smelt nice before my sneezing fit and was a calming scent, I would love to use this to help me sleep on those restless nights. I also think its a great idea that something so simple could help you go to sleep, it would be great to take to festivals or on holidays too with the small 21g tin.

English Tea Shop Chocolate Rooibos & Vanilla Tea (Pack of 60 - £6.65)
I'm not a tea drinker or coffee for that matter of fact, I know I'm a terrible Briton. I've never liked the taste of tea and even with spoonfuls of sugar my tastes haven't changed, I wish I could sit down with a nice brew and biscuits like everyone else finds so chilling. Anyway I knew there would be a tea bag product in the box as the Pink Parcel website stated that a tea bag is included every month, I am going to give this tea a try because I usually love anything that is vanilla flavoured and of course chocolate so this tea bag might just be for me.

Rococo Mini Bee Bar in Honeycomb Crunch - £1.50 (bigger bar £4.95)
Chocolate of course is an excellent treat at anytime of the month but us girls do enjoy it a little more when its that time and thats because chocolate sets off the happy hormone. Of course Pink Parcel had to include a little chocolate treat this month and its a honeycomb flavoured mini bar from Rococo. The chocolate itself is very rich and almost tastes like dark chocolate however the honeycomb crunch element was lovely. I enjoy chocolate that has another ingredient so this was great for me, I just would of preferred a milk chocolate and honeycomb bar.

Fudge Kitchen White Chocolate & Raspberry Cube (Box of 12 - £10.00)
Fudge!! Yes! I bloody love fudge and this is basically the same flavour as my favourite cheesecake. White chocolate is sweeter than milk chocolate making it extra tasty and raspberry gives you a tarty taste.
Fudge Kitchen products are hand produced and packed in the UK using natural ingredients that are vegetarian friendly and contain no gluten ingredients however this particular fudge cube isn't suitable for anyone with a nut allergy.
You can tell this fudge is home made with the texture of it, so soft and creamy and very very flavoursome. The raspberry taste hits you first with the white chocolate coming later, I'm just gutted there was only one cube, I needed more haha.

The 'for later' boxes was filled with my chosen brands of discrete items and a good quantity of them too, along with a little filled pouch to keep in my handbag. There was another box labeled 'for down there' and this had a mini packet of Femfresh inside which was another added treat, I will be taking these wipes to Download Festival next month as an extra packet of mini wipes.

As I said earlier, Pink Parcel is an excellent idea for us girls and has amazing value too; I was so happy and surprised with my treat box. The monthly price is really great for what you get and you will also never be without the items you need when you need them.

If you would like to sign up to Pink Parcel you can do so here.

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