#SaySi with Giorgio Armani

November 08, 2015

Last year I joined Klout to monitor my social media presence and because it was recommended to me by a university friend.
I like to use the app to check my social media score which currently drifts between 56-57 and to share different content mainly onto my twitter feed. The app states that I'm an expert in; Makeup, Manchester, Beauty and tattoos which are all big interests of mine.

Anyway I recently received a Klout perk which was very exciting, Giorgio Armani was promoting their scent 'Si' which has 3 different scents in the collection. I was sent a very generous gift set which included all 3 of perfumes. When I accepted the perk I was expecting a sample sized bottle or tester so I was overwhelmed when I opened the packages to find 3 50ml bottles of Si perfume.

The first of the 3 scents is the Si Eau de Toilette which is the lightest scent of the 3, the vanilla and woody smell which to me is the base of the perfume is my favourite part. There is a fruity smell to this scent also which is great for younger women or teens. I love that this scent is lighter than the others so its more of an everyday perfume and can be worn to any daily occasion. 

Secondly is the Eau de Parfum which is my favourite of the 3 as the vanilla scent is much stronger in this bottle than the Eau de Toilette. However this scent is a little less fruity with just the jammy fruit ingredient giving you this smell also I can smell the hint of patchouli that's in the base of the perfume. This is again another everyday perfume but I would say it can be worn for nights out or events. I can smell this perfume when I wear it unlike some other scents I have so I'm confident that others will smell it when I'm wearing it. Which is a always a plus when choosing perfumes to wear. 

Lastly the Eau de Parfum Intense which is a stronger scent of the Eau de Parfam, I'd say this is a perfume for the maturer lady because of the strength of the smell. I can't smell vanilla in this bottle like I can the others which is another reason this is my least favourite of the 3. Personally I think there is still a light fruity undertone to this scent but it is very subtle to me. 

All 3 of these perfumes are quite different to my usual perfumes, I usually go for less stronger smelling perfumes but I've found that with these 'Si' scents I don't need to use as much or reapply it throughout the day, however the intense scent is definitely not for me because of how strong the smell is, I'd say this might be the mature scent in the collection. I will be giving this bottle to my mum for her to try out. 

Are you a Klout member? Had any Klout Perks? Let me know in the comments. 

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