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October 28, 2015

The feelunique website has become a new favourite beauty shopping site of mine, although this is only my second order from them, I'm planning more as we speak.

Both orders I've made from have been Benefit items, the first being Benefit's Real Sexy Steal set which I brought for a bargain price of £14.92 at the time. I used a discount code that I found on Student Money Saver's Facebook page/website.

Once your signed up to you get the opportunity to pick your favourite brand and receive 10% off that chosen brand for life, which is another awesome extra.

My latest order was placed whilst it was feelunique's birthday, they had different deals and discounts running for a few days, one of the days they had up to 20% off Benefit and BareMinerals. Of course I took advantage of this, looking at every Benefit item on the website.

I chose the How to Look the Best at Everything Flawless Complexion Makeup Kit in Medium, which was just £21.70 (full price £25.00) with the birthday discount applied. At the checkout another 10% discount was added since I'd chosen Benefit as my favourite brand, this made the set just £19.53!!

Feelunique dispatched my order the same day, bare in mind I made the order at 1am in the morning, a little late night shopping isn't uncommon for me. The package arrived a few days later in a secure box with some vouchers inside too, two for me to give to friends, which gave them 10% off and one voucher for my next order.

The How to Look the Best at Everything kit has everything you need including; the POREfessional PRO Balm, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening makeup, Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer and Hello Flawless Honey Custom Powder Cover up.
I've recently purchased a deluxe mini of the Boi-ing Concealer because I absolutely love it, and I wanted to have another to keep in my handbag, you can read my post about that here.

I like that there are two shades of the concealer in this kit, this helps with uneven skin tone as some areas may need a darker or lighter cover up. The two shades can also be mixed together to build up the correct shade for your skin tone. The Boi-ing concealer in my opinion the best concealer ever, I've always used concealer on a daily basis and some other brands I've tried have lacked in covering up. This concealer is really easy to blend in and stays in place all day, covering any imperfections or dark spots. I use it under my eyes in a morning before applying foundation or powder.

The POREfessional PRO Balm is a decent size at 7.5ml, I only use a small amount to cover any pores on my skin, the balm evens out the skin and reduces the appearance of any blemishes ready for applying foundation. I'm considering purchasing the full size product once I've used all of this up.

I've found the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow "I'm so Money" Honey Brightening Makeup to be very easy to apply and smooths onto the skin. A little goes a long way with this product and I like that it does actually brighten my skin when being worn. The product feels very light when on the skin and lasts all day so there's no need to reapply.

Lastly the "Hello Flawless" "I'm Cute as a Bunny" Honey Custom Powder Cover-up works well with the brightening makeup. I've been using the powder over the top of the Hello Flawless Brightening makeup to set my makeup in place. The little brush that came in the kit is the perfect size for the powder and picks up plenty of product to apply, the bristles are soft but firm enough to blend the powder into your skin. Both the makeup and powder leave the skin feeling soft to touch and looking "Flawless" all day.

Altogether the kit is well worth the money even at full price, you literally have everything you need for your skin to look and feel amazing. Benefit have a few kits available, I like that I can try out the items before I purchase a full size product. Benefit is a high-end brand so for me they aren't something I can purchase on a regular basis. Trying out the products in these kits, deluxe samples and free samples when available is a great way to test the products before I splash out on a full size. I can say, I've never been disappointed with a product yet though.

If your interested in any of the products in this kit or the full kits in your chosen shade, here are the links...

One last thing that I have to tell you is about the packaging of this kit, I'm always raving on about Benefit's design/style of the products and this kit is as fabulous as the rest. The kit comes in a book style box with a mirror, top tip pages and the tray of makeup, the tray can be taken out and the box can be used as storage. There is a outer box with the same design on it to protect your book box and advertise whats inside. 

I love everything about this Benefit makeup kit.

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  1. I've never heard of this site! Love getting tiny version of goodies like this though! X

    Charli XCX 90s fun over on -

    1. I'm loving this site at the min, check them out when there is a sale on, big bargains! Thanks for reading! Gem


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