Makeup Revolution is Uniting Unicorns!

October 25, 2015

Makeup Revolution are absolutely trending right now, they are completely on top of the makeup game and us bloggers, makeup addicts and everyone else are loving the brand!

Over the past few months I've made quite a few orders with MUR and I regret nothing, each order has arrived within a few days, been packed securely and been value for money. I can't recommend them enough!

My latest order included; the new Unicorn's Unite Lipstick collection which I've been very eager to get my hands or should I say lips on, the Unicorn's unite eyeshadow palette to complement the lipstick shades and the new Ultra pointed crease eyeshadow brush. This is the smallest order I've made from MUR so far but its an exciting unicorn themed order!

The Unicorn's Unite Lipstick collection has 5 shades in it, these can be brought separately for just £1.00 each or the set of 5 for just £4.00. I couldn't pick and choose my favourite colours so went ahead and purchased the set. Looking at the lipstick shades in the packaging they are look like magical shades and I can see why they are in the Unicorn's Unite collection.

As an overview of the lipsticks, they are very pigmented in colour and apply easily to my lips, the lighter shades can be used for a subtle look or built up for a more dramatic look. My favourite shades are the Horn of Magic and Pink Myth, Horn of Magic is the most unicorn themed shade in my opinion, its a shade not everyone will like or wear making it quite an unique shade. Pink Myth is an everyday shade and probably the most wearable shade for everyone, the colour is bright and stays bright when being worn. 

I've swatched all five of the lipstick shades for you to see here, when swatching the Throne shade I did build up the colour so it was more intense and noticeable.

I decided to throw the Unicorns Unite eyeshadow palette (£6.00) in with my order to be used with the lipsticks mainly. With being the same collection I gathered the colours would complement each other and work well together. I was not wrong, the shades in the palette are as magical as the lipsticks with 12 shimmer shades and 6 matte. I'm usually a sucker for any matte shades and avoid shimmer colours but every colour in this palette has a complementary shade to go with it. I'm hoping to get some great eye makeup looks using this palette. My favourite shades are Believe, Beauty and Creature, Believe is a purple shade so its obvious that I'd love that shade with purple being my favourite colour, Beauty is a green shade which matches the Horn of Magic lipstick, I'll definitely be wearing these together and Creature is black shimmery shade which will work well with the matte black History shade in the palette. I didn't have a black shimmer eyeshadow in my collection until now.

Here I have tried my best to swatch every shade in the palette however I don't think this photo does the palette justice. I've left it in so you can see some of the shades and how pigmented they all are.

MUR have just realised a new line of makeup brushes, sponges and tools, I love how quick they are expanding and keeping us makeup addicts happy. The Ultra Metals Revolution Brushes are gold/bronze in colour with white synthetic hair in a pointed shape. I only purchased the single brush as I didn't need the full set and use a lot of eyeshadow's. This brush is the Ultra pointed crease eyeshadow brush E301 priced at £5.99, I've found the brush to be quite firm which is great for applying matte shades in areas you want a defined look, a softer brush would be better for the shimmery shades in the palette.

Although this is the smallest order I've made from MUR it is definitely the most exciting (Ok I maybe biased since I love Unicorn's and anything associated with them, shhh) but its also exciting because it included new products and I love trying new makeup products.

Have you tried any of the Unicorns Unite range or the new brushes, sponges or tools from MUR? Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet.

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    1. It really is! I love most of Makeup Revolutions palettes! The Mermaids vs Unicorns is another of my fav's too! Thanks for commenting!


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