Rescue your skin with SOS H2O Day serum

March 08, 2021

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SOS Serum is a new brand for me but I’m so excited I’ve been able to try it! It’s amazing quality, good price and the results are real; what more could you ask for in a skincare product. 

The brand was created by a Scientist and Chemist called Bruce Green, he developed this range of products to help problematic skin. SOS Serum products are great for sensitive skin and are easy to use; the simple packaging & labels make it easy to know what the product is and what to use it for. There’s been growth in the range of SOS Serums to include the; SOS SPF 50 Sun Cream, SOS PROTECT Broad-Spectrum hand sanitiser and the SOS H20 Day cream which is what I’ve been using for the past 4 weeks. 

Firstly I love that the bottle has simple packaging and text, this makes it easy to understand and the bottle stands out on my skincare shelf. I’d say the label is a little chemist like but it works plus it was created but a chemist. The airless pump action bottle is also a winner for me as its less messy and I know I’m using the correct amount of product as one pump goes a long way. 

I’ve been using the SOS H20 for the past 4 weeks as I was suffering with dry skin around my chin and month area, I can only assume that this isn’t helped with wearing a face covering and getting breakouts so I was putting on spot treatments which can dry out my skin. I was stuck with flaky skin around my month that was itchy and irritated until now! Applying this serum only at night I’ve seen a massive improvement, not only is my skin less irritated its also having less breakouts! It’s a win, win for me! 

Another thing I like is that the product is made in the UK without parabens, SLS, mineral oils or fragrance which is a good indication of why this serum is great for sensitive skin. SOS Serum is also Vegan and cruelty free so its good for the environment too plus the airless pump bottle is fully recyclable! 

As I’ve said above, one pump of the serum covers my whole face as the texture of the serum is smooth, non-greasy and light on my skin so although I’ve been using this in my nighttime skin routine its perfect for daily wear with being so lightweight. I’ve already been recommending this to my friends and family and I will be looking into the wider range to purchase soon. 

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