American Treats, Delivered with Taffymail

August 12, 2019

*This post contains a gifted item, I was under no obligation to write a review. All opinions/comments/experiences are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

Who likes American candy, treats and snacks? Fancy a box delivered to your door each month filled with sweets, snacks and soda’s? Taffymail have got you covered… Taffymail create different sized boxes filled with American sweets & treats. Prices start from £7.49 and go up to £24.99 all ranging in sweet selection and products.

A few weeks ago, I received a Taffymail box to try out and was thrilled with the number of goodies in the box, inside was one can of soda, lots and lots of sweets, popcorn, cheese sauce and crisps. I couldn’t wait to have a film night with snacks and tuck into all these treats. Please note there were nut products included so I decided to take these treats into work as I’m not a nut eater; they went down well with the team.

My top picks from the box were…

Jiffy Pop Butter Flavoured Popcorn - I felt like I was in an American movie putting this popcorn on the hob to pop and the packaging growing into a ball of popping corn. I don't normally go for butter popcorn but I enjoyed the taste and that I could eat the popcorn warm. 

Swedish Fish mini Tropical - I've never tried Swedish Fish before and I was pleasently surprised when I tasted these tropical flavoured ones. Absolutely delicious, full of flavour and the box was pretty full too so they lasted quite a while. Tropical Punch was my favourite out of the 4 flavours included. 

Squeeze Cheese Mature Cheddar - Who doesn't love squeezy cheese!! Well I know I do! I felt like this was one of the items included that felt true American as we don't see this type of product often in the UK. This cheese can be warmed in the microwave for nachos, dips or top your jacket spuds with it. 

Mini Chips Ahoy - Not 100% but I'm sure I've had these before and I loved them then. These mini chocolate chip cookies where a tasty treat, I actually had these as a train journey treat; I just wish there was more in the packet! 

Work treats...

Reese’s Fast break - this went to a Reese's fan but she hadn't had this bar before and now she's found a good afternoon treat. 

Almond Joy - apparently this was a bit like a Bounty bar with almonds, which without the almonds sounds fab to me!

Nutter Butter - I gave these to my American work pal who loves nuts and loves nutter butter's and I actually did taste these, texture was all good but the taste of the nuts was too much for me, went down really well with my pal though. 

Box Information

You can choose how many products you want to receive each month, there are currently 3 options; 

- Lite box for £7.49 including 4-5 American treats

- Classic box for £14.99 including 10-12 American treats and a can of soda

- Extra box for £24.99 including up to 20 American treats, at least one can of soda and at least one premium item

Taffy mail sometimes have one-off boxes available so keep an eye on the their website for these. 

So what are you waiting for? Get yourselves signed up and enjoy treats every month!

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