Candle Pin Club* - What a Brilliant idea!

March 31, 2019

[This post contains a GIFTED item, I was under no obligation to write up a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own and from my own experience. See my disclaimer for more information]

Who else is a fan of candles and pins? As I've mentioned before I've been collecting pins for years now and candles have become one of them things that I always buy; ever since I moved into my own place at least. Candle Pin Club have brought two of my favourite things to collect and use and combined them into a one of a kind product. Inside every candle is a foil wrapped pin waiting to be discovered!!! Yes you heard me... there's a pin inside the candle!!

Candle Pin Club got in touch with me before International Women's Day and asked to interview me for their website, I of course jumped at the chance and thought it was a great way to support each other. You can read the interview here and shop the candles whilst there too. They kindly sent me a candle as a gift and I could not wait to start burning it to find which pin was inside. 

The candle scent I received was 'Plum'* which has hints of Vanilla, Rose and Jasmine; the candle filled my living room quickly with its fruity scent and it hung around too. I could still smell the Plum and Berry notes in the morning after burning the candle in the evening before. Not only are the candles beautiful colours and scents but they are also kind to the environment, each candle is hand poured in the UK using Soy Wax and natural cotton wicks plus with the candle being in a glass jar you can reuse this once the candle is finished. I personally like to make sweet jars for presents. 

After burning the candle for an hour or two, I was able to see the foil and I was eager to lift it out. Carefully using some tweezers I removed the foil from the candle and used the lid to place it on to cool down. -DO NOT TOUCH THE PIN- Once the pin had cooled down, I unwrapped the foil to find the 'Slay' pin inside which was one of the designs I was hoping for! The pin is a diamond shape with the word 'Slay' set in black enamel; it's perfect for my new pink denim jacket!!! 

I've still got loads of the candle to burn down and fill my house with the gorgeous plum scent and I've got a new pin to add to my growing collection. These candles would make an awesome gift for someone or even just treat to yourself of your favourite scent and find an extra treat inside. 

Which scent will you choose? 

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  1. Candle Pin Club sound like an absolute dream and this post is full of all the stunning magic you always radiate dreamiest queen! It's such an amazing idea to combine candles and pins; what more could a babe wish for? Cue all the starry eyes! The plum scent sounds so divine, jasmine, rose and vanilla are always unbeatable and the fruity vibe is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months. That slay pin was MADE for your sassily stunning soul gorgeous goddess! I can't wait to see you rock it on your new pink denim jacket = all the outfit goals!!! As always such beautiful photography darling girlie! Killing it as always ♥︎♥︎♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Thank you so much doll, you comment has made my day and I can tell you've read the post which is so so lovely. Candle Pin Club is a great idea and I'm glad you like it. The candle smells so beautiful!!!

      Gem :)


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