Want plumper lips? then try the PMD KISS Lip Plumping System*

April 10, 2018

Have you tired those lip plumping glosses and products that tingle and sometimes feel horrible? I have in the past and have never been a fan of them, I always end up putting the lip product on, then wiping if off because the tingle is too much or its too sticky. Last month I was contacted by a PR to try out the PMD KISS System*, which is a lip plumping system like no other. I was very curious to try the system and see if it could enhance the look of my lips.

PMD are a confidence building beauty company providing smart beauty tools and skin care that help to enhance peoples features and inspire them to love your bodies. They use smart technology to create beauty tools that are different but work well, a lot of research goes into these tools, you can read more about their smart technologies here. I see a lot of new beauty tools, electronic beauty tools and machines on the Internet and I'm always intrigued to see how they work, after doing some research into PMD and their products they are winning the smart beauty tool game and are taking over the world with their technologies.

So whats in the box... included in the PMD KISS is the KISS device, 5ml tube of smart lip plumping serum, a USB charging wire, 2 changeable kisser's (small & large) and a one year warranty. If your really wanting to enhance your lips and create a plumper look then I think this is a good investment. The device needs a good charge before using so I left mine charging for a few hours, using the wire provided and a standard USB plug. 

If your up to date with my Instagram you might of saw my Insta-stories using this device and you could of seen how easy it is to use. To start I applied the lip plumping serum, this does leave a slightly tingling sensation but nothing too harsh or unbearable, the serum helps to stimulate the lips when using the device. Next up the KISS has two settings, a slow speed and a standard speed; one press of the button switches the device to standard and another press will switch on the slower speed. whichever speed your using you can hear a pulsing from the device, this is useful to time when using the KISS. 

I always start at the side of my lip weather it be my upper or lower lip it doesn't matter, put the device kisser onto your lips and you will feel a suction, count 10-15 pulses and move to the next section of the lip; 3 sections on the upper lip and 3 sections on the lower. The device felt a little strange to me at first but it wasn't uncomfortable or painful, after completing all the sections on my lips, my lips felt warm and plump. After one use I couldn't see a plumper effect but could feel it, however the second time I used the device my lips had a visible plump to them which lasted a couple of hours; think I got the hang of using the device the second time round. My lips have more colour after using the KISS system; this is because the pulsations bring blood flow to the lips and helps the collagen production too. 

My lips aren't small or thin naturally but after using the KISS for around a month now I can see some permanent effect, I feel my lips are plump and I find applying lipstick easier now too which I know sounds strange but its like I can line my lips more clearly. I think this device would be good for mature people who may have fine lines and wrinkles around their lips, with the device's advantage of helping blood flow and increasing collagen production this could potentially help with the lines around the lip area.

What do you think of the PMD KISS and would you use it to plump your lips? 

*PR Sample - all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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  1. I've never really wanted to plump my lips but I'm always curious to see if these things have permanent effects!

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com


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