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February 19, 2018

As a tattooed person myself, I’ve been thrilled to see a lot of skincare for tattoos coming out on the market. I got my first tattoo at 18 and now have 20 pieces and counting; consistently planning my next one. Looking after my tattoos is as important to me as looking after my whole body, I want them to look as good as they did they say I got them.

Eco Cosmetics got in touch and kindly sent me their *tattoo skincare range to try out and I’ve been sampling it for a month now. I was grateful to receive the full range which consists of; a body lotion, a shower gel and a sun cream. 

Over 20 years ago Eco Cosmetics was born but under a different brand name ‘Venus’. They created natural essential oils for aromatherapy use, made with ingredients from certified organic farms. In 1997 they starting to produce soap that was suitable for use by people with skin conditions and allergies, this created a basis for a hair care and a tattoo skincare range. Eco use an Australian plant called ‘Noni’ which is high in fatty acids and promotes rapid healing in their tattoo range. Their whole tattoo range is Vegan, not tested on animals and 100% natural origin, this is stated on each of the product's packaging. They’ve worked really well to put a range together for something that wasn’t on the market and you should see the packaging...

We need to take a minute to appreciate the brands packaging! The design is very edgy, creative, tattoo themed and unique; I was blown away to the see the design on the inside of the box too. I mean a lot of thought has gone into this brand and you can see a lot of love comes from it too. You wouldn't miss the Eco products in the shop because the packaging is so eye-catching.

Looking after your tattoos starts with a shower gel from Eco which has a mild fragrance from first opening the bottle; I prefer things that don't have an overpowering scent as this can sometimes put me off using the product. Inside the shower gel is 'Noni' and 'Pomegranate', two ingredients that help your tattooed skin. Noni as I've said above is high in fatty acids which helps aid fast healing from micro-injuries whilst also helping to prevent viruses and germs spreading. The pomegranate element has natural anti-inflammatory properties and helps to keep tattooed skin supple; you can slightly smell the pomegranate in the shower gel but its nothing too in your face. The Noni extract also helps to protect the colour in tattoos whilst cleansing the skin of any dirt and germs. I really liked using this shower gel and think it will personally help me when I have a fresh tattoo as well as keeping my current tattoos looking fresh and clean.

*Eco Cosmetics Body Lotion 200ml
Following using the Eco shower gel, I've been using the body lotion to again help look after my tattoos and keep them looking as good as ever. The body lotion has the same ingredients as the shower gel including 'Noni' and 'Pomegranate' so you get the same results but in a body lotion form. The texture of the lotion is medium so its not thick or sticky and actually blends into my skin nicely and it doesn't take me ages to apply. With the same ingredients comes the same qualities as in the lotion helps to protect colour fading on tattoos, cares for tattooed skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Whats extra in the lotion is that it contains a SPF10 to help protect your tattooed areas against UV rays on a daily basis. During the summer I will put on sun-cream to help protect my skin and I make sure to apply to my tattooed skin also but that's on days where it is very sunny so using this body lotion will help on the days I don't apply an extra SPF. Eco's body lotion has a subtle scent just like the shower gel, it's easy to apply and nourishes the skin softly.

*Eco Cosmetics Tattoo Sun Lotion SPF 30 100ml
Lastly in the Eco Tattoo range is a sun lotion which is mega important when you have tattooed skin. The sun can damage your skin and your tattoos so protecting against the sun's harmful rays is a must. I've said above that I apply sun cream whenever I'm out in the sun during the summer months and take special care to cover my tattoos in cream also so having a specialised lotion to apply is perfect for me. Once again this sun lotion has the same ingredients as the shower gel and body lotion, with 'Noni' and 'Pomegranate'. This lotion is quite thick when applied but soon soaks into the skin, I would always recommend applying sun lotion 15 minutes before you go out; this gives the lotion time to soak into the skin. I think this product has more of a scent than the others and it kind of reminds me of that summer smell so this was really pleasant. Eco's sun lotion has a SPF 30 so provides effective protection for your skin and tattoos, it is also water resistant and it can be used on face and body and helps to prevent sun bleaching on your tattooed areas. I'm really impressed with this lotion and can't wait to take it with me to my summer festivals this year!

I truly feel like I've found a winning brand here and the products are aimed for people like me with tattoos and they work! My tattooed areas are looking colourful, feeling soft and nourished and I know I'm protected from any harmful UV rays with the body lotion and sun lotion. I will most definitely be buying these products in the future once these have run out especially the sun lotion!

*PR Samples - all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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  1. ooh yes we DO need to appreciate the packaging! so adorable. wheneer ive got my tattoos i've used bepanthen cream...which is nowhere near as pretty!!

    katie. xx

    1. The packaging is so amazing isn't it!!! I would still use your Bepanthen when your new tattoos are healing, this is skin care for after to keep them looking fresh and colourful.
      Thanks so much for reading
      Gem x


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