Urban Decay's new Set and Prep Spray's - All Nighter Setting Spray & Quick Fix Review

April 18, 2017

If you haven't already tried Urban Decay's setting sprays then you really need too, the All Nighter spray is my ultimate favourite setting spray and I rely on it to keep my makeup in place all day and all night. Urban recently redesigned the look of their sprays and added more products into the range. Here I have the new *All Nighter Setting Spray that UD kindly sent me to try out and the *Quick Fix which I was also sent from UD, thanks guys!

The new packaging is so much more sleeker than the older look with a black soft touch bottle, purple sprayer and frosted white cap. I find the bottle doesn't look as black as you think, to me it has a purple/blue look to it but it's much better than the older white bottle because it means no more makeup stains on it! Yay! 

There are 3 setting sprays in the range and all of them have matching new packaging; the All Nighter keeps makeup looking fresh for up to 16 hours, De-Slick makes your makeup last whilst deflecting surface shine, excess oil and keeps a matte look and Chill cools the surface of your makeup with its time-release technology which helps keep makeup in place for up to 12 hours. 

As I've said above the All Nighter spray is my go to setting spray and I use it nearly everyday. A couple of sprays in a cross like motion over my face keeps my makeup in place all day and all night even through warm/hot days, sweating and eyes watering. I also use this spray to apply my Moondust shadows by spraying a little onto my eyeshadow brush then applying the Moondust; this gives a more intense shade and my eye makeup looks freshly applied all day. 

All Nighter is perfect for my skin type because I don't have any excessive skin concerns so it's a great all rounder product. This 30 ml bottle is the travel size and fits nicely into my makeup bag and handbag so I would normally buy this size because of this reason. 

As well as redesigning the current sprays UD have created some new prep products including Quick Fix, a prep spray which smells amazing. I first tried Quick Fix at my UD makeover at the Liverpool boutique, you can read about that here. I was super impressed with the product first off because of the beautiful coconut scent and secondly the refreshing feel on my skin; it's like a wake up call for my face. Before trying Quick Fix I used UD's B6 prep spray before applying any of my makeup and this worked well for me. My skin felt in better condition once I started to use this product daily, the Quick Fix has now taken over from B6 for me. 

These prep sprays have yellow packaging unlike the setting sprays, this is a bright and sleek design still and they all have the same text so still come together as a collection. In my opinion the bright yellow makes me notice this product and its like a little reminder to look after your skin.

Quick fix cleanses the skin, visibly reduces the appearance of pores, smooths skin, adds moisture and brightens; it really is a wake up call for my skin even using it at night makes a difference. You can also use Quick Fix throughout the day for a skin boost, it can be applied over your makeup and it doesn't smudge or change your look in any way; it just gives you a refreshed feeling and you'll have that beautiful coconut scent around for a while too. 

Urban Decay have got some very exciting launches coming up including a skin care range which has makeup prep products and makeup removing products; these are available online now and I spotted some of the makeup prep range in my local store yesterday too.

Have you guys tried any of UD's sprays and what are most looking forward to trying in the skin care range?

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