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January 11, 2017

Struggle to find a new perfume? Buy a full size bottle and don't like it after spraying it in the store? Want to try small samples of perfume before buying? Heard of the Discovery Club box from The Fragrance Shop? This is usually me as a customer when buying perfume, it takes me ages to find the perfect scent and I have often purchased full sized bottles and later regretted it. The PR team at The Fragrance Shop have kindly sent me the most recent Discovery Club box to try out.

The Discovery Club box is the perfect way to try out new perfumes before committing to purchasing a full sized bottle; it's a great way to make sure you truly like the scent with a miniature sample which you can get a few wears out of. For me personally testing out a perfume more than once and wearing over a few days gives me the chance to find out if I really like the scent.

The Fragrance Shop have set up a subscription box service called the Discovery Club box, which gets dispatched quarterly throughout the year so you will receive four boxes a year. The box retails at a bargain price of just £5.00 per quarter which you only pay once your box has been dispatched. Each box is filled with perfume samples, money off vouchers and updates about perfume launches; bare in mind that there are male and female samples in the box. You can cancel anytime at no extra cost but for only £20.00 a year (for 4 boxes) its great value.

The latest box is the Classics Edition which is the box I've been sent, inside my box was 10 perfume samples; some I've tried before and some new discoveries. I was surprised at the packaging because it a neat thin box with the box name on the top and inside the samples was wrapped in perfume themed tissue paper sealed with a branded sticker and for only £5.00 per box its really good quality.

This seasons box featured 6 women's perfumes and 4 men's, I think some of the men's fragrances are lovely and could be worn as everyday perfume on women too. All the samples have enough in them to last a few days, most have a spray pump but a couple are dab on which isn't an issue although I think you an get more wear from the spray samples as your not applying too much then.

The women's scents included are:

- Jimmy Choo - The Original Fragrance
The Original Jimmy Choo is a favourite of mine, I adore the scent with its fruity top notes and Patchouli base notes; its a clear winner for me. I enjoy wearing this fragrance during the day and topping up for a more intense scent in the evening. It's very long lasting too.

- Gucci - Bamboo
Gucci perfumes are a brand I've not tried before so I was happy to see 2 different samples from them in this box. The Bamboo has Vanilla in it making it a winner for me straight away as I'm a big fan of vanilla scents. The fruitiness of the fragrance is great for a daytime perfume especially during the summer.

- Paco Rabanne - Lady Million Privé
This again is a new perfume for me but my best friend wears this so I have smelt it before, it smells lovely on my friend. For me I feel this has a stronger scent than some of the other fragrances so it would be better suited for an evening scent, I did find it lasted all night though.

- Jean Paul Gaultier - Classique
I think everyone has heard of this perfume with the classic body shaped bottle and designer name. I always feel Jean Paul's perfumes have a mature market and scent. They've never appealed to me, this sample has a strong scent with a clear vanilla ingredient but I can smell the ginger element more which slightly puts me off this one.

- Agent Provocateur - Pure Aphrodisiaque
I'd say this is the fruitiest fragrance in the box which would be great for a summer perfume. It does have some musky undertones though which makes it a fresh scent. This was one of my favourite scents to test out in this box, its such a fun fragrance.

- Gucci - Gucci Guilty
This is the second Gucci sample in the box and my least favourite of the two with less fruity notes and more of floral scent than the Bamboo sample. I'm actually going to give this one to my mum to use up as it's just not for me.

My favourite of all 6 has got to be the Jimmy Choo as it was already a go to perfume of mine however I will be looking into purchasing a full size of the Agent Provocateur because of its fun and fruity scent plus there is currently a free gift with it on the The Fragrance Shop's website.

The four Men's fragrances included are:

Hugo Boss -BOSS Bottled
BOSS Bottled has won over 40 awards in the UK so it's a popular fragrance for men. It has a fruity scent with my favourite ingredient, vanilla, as well as apple and citrus fruits as top notes. It's quite a pleasant fragrance in my opinion.

Paco Rabanne - 1 Million Privé
This is the male version of Lady Million which I found to be a strong evening fragrance, this men's scent is no different but has a woody element to it instead of a fruity one. Again this scent is very long lasting and would be perfect for as an evening fragrance.

Versace - Dylan Blue
This is my favourite of the four mens fragrances because it's very different from the others and stands out, it's one of those scents you could smell as someone walked past you and you'd remember it. To me this is a true men's scent, I'll be telling the other half to buy this.

Lacoste - Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc
The Lacoste brand is of course a sports brand and this shows in the fragrance, this is also the cheapest out of all four samples. To me this is marketed at a younger customer and with a woody floral fragrance it's probably the most feminine scent but it still has a fresh and clean smell to it; I think it would be good to use after the gym.

This Classics Edition of the Discovery Club box is dispatching now and the Spring Edition is coming soon. I'm hoping the Spring box will have lots of fruity fragrances and some lighter perfumes which will be perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer weather.

If you want to try out the Discovery Club box for just £5.00 you can sign up on the Fragrance Shop's website here. It's a fantastic idea to save you money by sampling the fragrances first. You can also gift a box; it's a inexpensive idea for a present for a friend or family member.

*PR Sample provided; all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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  1. Loving this dreamy idea gorgeous girlie! I've often bought full size bottles of perfumes only to be sorely disappointed when trying them so this concept is totally genius. Even though I usually like floral scented perfumes, I'm still quite fussy haha. It's amazing that the Discovery Club is such good value for money, and I love that this seasons box featured a mix of both men's and women's perfumes. So fab that you get 10 perfumes in a box, that's deffo worthwhile! t's great that the packaging is such good quality too. The Spring Box sounds so dreamy, I bet flower power will be flowing in next season's scents! <3

    Another divine review as always beautiful. Hope 2017 is treating you like the dazzling unicorn you are :)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. It's a shame when you buy a perfume and are disappointed as they aren't cheap so this box is a super idea, I'm glad you think so too lovely.

      I'm hoping the Spring box is as dreamy as we hope and has lots of summer scents to try out.

      Thanks so much for reading doll, your kind words are much appreciated and always put a smile on my face.

      Hope the New Year is full of sunshine for you!!

      Gem xx


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