Bring it on 2017!!!

January 04, 2017

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you've all had an amazing time over the festive period and are settling into the new year nicely. I wanted to give you all an update since I've been away from my blog for a few weeks now due to having surgery before Christmas. I'm now well into my recovery and back at it. I'm going to kick 2017's butt!

I've got lots planned for my blog this year, I've set goals I want to achieve in terms of opportunities, events to attend, improvement with writing and photography and of course improving my social stats. I've already got 2 events lined up; one in Manchester and one in London which I am still trying to sort travel for unfortunately. In terms of blog posts I want to continue with my monthly subscription boxes and review them each month, I'm hoping to try out some new boxes this year too. I will continue to review my favourite makeup products and brands, I look forward to working with more brands this year. As you know my blog is mainly focused on beauty however I did try to add in some fashion posts last year, this year I plan to shoot more fashion themed posts and update my social channels with my fashion buys as well as beauty finds. As a fashion graduate and photography student I would like to apply my skills to this part of my blog and wouldn't mind helping out other bloggers with photo-shoots to improve my skills further.

On a personal note, I am currently looking for a new job now I'm am better and want to use my degree to gain a role in a fashion based company, I'm keeping my eye out in Manchester for role suitable to my skills and degree. I would also take a job in social media/PR as I think with a little training I would be an asset to this job role in any company.

On my days off from the new job, I want to plan lots of outings with my friends. I've already got Download Festival lined up, I want to attend Wales Comic Con again, do the Crystal Maze experience when it comes to Manchester and try lots of new restaurants.

So... what's coming up on GemsUpNorth??? Well as I said above my beauty sub box posts will still go ahead this year, I still have my Birchbox and Glossybox subs active and will continue to get these. This month I have some products reviews,  a Fragrance box review and a fashion shoot planned which I am excited to share with all. I've started to play about with video shooting so I am wanting to bring this into play as well this year.

I hope you all stay tuned and understand why I've had to take a short blogging break, as always everyone's health should come first. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, leaves me comments, chats to me on socials and gives me support, I really do appreciate it all!

Let's all take 2017 and make it our best year yet!

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