Pink Parcel - October edition 2016

October 21, 2016

Three months ago I was lucky enough to win a 3-month subscription for Pink Parcel through Which Beauty Box UK's Instagram; I was very excited to start receiving my Pink Parcels. You can read my review of my 1st box here.

I have now received my last box from the prize and its another great box filled to the brim with treats to help get you through that time of the month. My experience of Pink Parcel has been an exciting one, my box has always been delivered before my chosen date of the 10th of the month, all the contents have been secure inside the box and each month I'm sure they fit more and more into the 'For You' box. I will definitely try out Pink Parcel again in the future; for now though with Christmas coming up I'm not going to add another sub-box to my bills each month but maybe in the new year.

Like I've just said I'm pretty sure there are more and more items in PP every month, its actually surprising what they seem to fit into the 'For You' box. This month featured a whopping 9 items!!! Including 2 foodie items, 5 skin care and 2 makeup items.

Makeup Items

Rare Nail Polish Set - RRP £11.95
This nail polish set came as a surprise because there are 3 polishes in it as well as some nail decals so its was an amazing item to receive. There was 3 sets featured in the Pink Parcel boxes this month; I received 'Showgirl' which is a red and glitter set, it definitely screams Showgirl. The nail decals remind me of fish net tights which also adds to the showgirl theme. Each polish lived up to my other polish brands, with 2 coats I achieved a strong colour although the glitter shade did need a base and a 3rd coat to really stand out. I would of welcomed the Underground set which had skull nail decals in it so I'm thinking of purchasing another set already.

BarryM Eyeshadow in shade 5 - RRP £2.99
BarryM are a well known brand to me however I've not really used any of there products for years now, I shopped at BarryM when I was at school and college because it was very affordable but sort of grew out of the brand. My first impressions of this shadow was that it looked like a great autumn shade with being an espresso like colour. I was a little disappointed the shadow didn't have a shade name but just a number. After swatching this eyeshadow I found that it was a metallic brown shade but wasn't as pigmented as I wanted it to be, with a primer the shadow applied better but still not enough; I can use this as a light base shade in the future though so not all is lost.

Foodie Items

Tipple Tails Coco Bazaar 80g - RRP £15.95 for 454g
Upon opening the packet I was hit with a wonderful smell of Christmas, fruit cake is something I love about Christmas and I actually prefer the cake without icing. This slice of cake was very moist and flavoursome, as soon as I bit into the cake the flavours was there, I could taste the fruit and the chocolate Turkish delight liqueur. For a fruit cake it was so so soft which was different to any other fruit cake I've eaten; I really enjoyed this slice of Tipple Tails cake.

We Are Tea, 'Soothe' - RRP £3.49 for a pack of 12 
If you've read my other Pink Parcel reviews you'll know that I don't drink tea or coffee so the tea bag always goes to a friend or in the tea jar for when I have guests around. This 'Soothe' tea bag with mint, ginger and fennel is suppose to help with a tummy pains which would be great for those horrible period pains. The packet says it will naturally help to soothe the entire digestive system and its designed to be the perfect tonic for your tummy.

Skin Care Items

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm 25ml - RRP £16.50 for 100ml
At first I found this cleansing balm very sticky but after adding water, the balm turns into a milky texture and washed away my makeup nicely. The scent of the balm is a very natural smell which is refreshing and calming to use before bedtime. I usually use micellar water to remove my makeup so this was a change for me and left my skin feeling more moisturised after using this balm so that was an advantage too.

SASS Purifying Cleanser Sample - RRP £7.00 for 100ml
I received a SASS product in my August box which I've loved using so my expectation was high for this purifying cleanser. SASS are products to help keep downstairs looking and feeling its best, this cleanser promotes the growth of good bacteria. For all you gym lovers its perfect for popping in your gym bag for after that workout, same again for travelling or weekends away. I like this product for its cleansing properties however it doesn't smell very pleasant to me, I'd prefer it to have a nice scent since it is a freshness gel.

Dr Paw Paw Original Clear Balm 25ml - RRP £6.95
This is the most versatile product in the box, it can be used on hair, hands, lips and for many different uses. The multi-purpose balm soothes dry skin whilst moisturising, I've been using it on my hands mainly and its helped with my dry skin; my nails and cuticles have never looked and felt better. I'm super impressed with this product however I did struggle to squeeze the balm out of the tube, the product seemed thick but rubbed into my skin easily so maybe it was just the tube. I'm interested in trying out other Dr Paw Paw products soon.

Anatomicals: Grease Isn't the Word Mattifying face mask - RRP £3.00
Anatomicals is a brand I've used before after receiving some of their products in other beauty boxes and I love the simplify of the brand. The simple yet fun packaging pulls me in and the affordable price tags are another advantage. This Grease isn't the word face mask is perfect for my combination skin because it reduces excess oil and has mattifying properties. My skin can suffer at certain times of the month so this mask hydrated my skin leaving a bright and healthy look, I did find that my skin looked brighter after using the mask just once.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil Sample - RRP £5.99 for 250ml 
Vita Coco coconut oil is a product that has done its rounds in beauty boxes over the past few months so I wasn't disappointed to find another sample in this months PP. I wasn't sure what category to put this sample in as you can use it on your skin, hair and even cook with it. I've placed it in the skin care category because I used this sample to remove my makeup after using my other samples on my hair. I didn't like it for removing my makeup, although it did remove it all, the bits in the oil made it a little uncomfortable for me. I think I will stick to using this on my hair in the future which left me with amazing results and amazing smelling hair.

Overall my experience of PP has really been an exciting one, I've discovered new brands, ate tasty treats, my friends and family have enjoyed some new teas and I've had all the female necessities I needed each month without going to the shops. It's a great box that really does help you through that sometimes unpleasant time of the month. You can sign up to Pink Parcel though the website here.

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