Glossybox X Red Magazine - September 2016

September 24, 2016

September's edition of Glossybox is a very very exciting one and probably my favourite box to date from Glossy. They have teamed up with RED Magazine to put together an amazing box of treats this month; the box itself has been transformed into a themed red box with the RED logo and of course the Glossy logo too. I always enjoy receiving themed boxes even though the usual pink box is still gorgeous, it's nice to have a limited edition box every so often.

I was eager to get my hands on this months box because the sneak peaks had shown that each box would have a Too Faced mascara inside and that just made me squeal a little. Along with this mascara the box was filled with 4 other beauty treats, a sample and an MUA palette from the little mix up last month; so this box was super full!

Inside my Glossybox this month was ...

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - Deluxe mini - Full size RRP £19.00 
My first impressions of this mascara are 100%... I feel I don't really need to say more but I will. For starters the mascara is so lightweight, I can't feel a thing when its on my lashes. Applying this mascara was so so easy and took no time at all, the hourglass wand grabs all my lashes and extends them in the correct places; my lashes are all perfectly separated and look gorgeous! The shade is ink black and with more than one application leaves a dramatic and bold finish although one coat is plenty for a sleek lash look. I recently brought the The Power of Makeup set from Too Faced which came with a purple shade in this mascara and I've had excellent results with that too; I can't wait to get my hands on a full size Better Than Sex mascara.

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen - Full size - £17.00 
Rodial is a brand I've only tried once before and this was another eyeliner but I enjoyed using the liner a lot. This smokey eye pen is another hit for me, I love the deep black shade and how easy it is to smudge into a 'smokey eye' which is a plus for if your in a rush or looking for a quick makeup look. I wear eyeliner everyday on my water line so I've been using this liner for that use too, and sometimes with in the water line, liner can lack in colour but this Rodial liner is still a deep black shade on the water line. There isn't much else to say other than this is an excellent liner and something I would repurchase on a regular basis.

Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask - one pack - £7.99
Sheet masks are so easy to use and thats why I like them so much, I can be a little lazy sometimes as can we all I think. This hydro mask from Vitamasques comes in two half's in the packet, one for the top half of your face and one for the bottom half; I thought this was a fabulous idea as with some sheet masks once you peal back the protective film it can fold in on itself and stick together; with being in two halfs its easier to apply because the sheet isn't so big. I found this mask stuck on my face a lot easier than some other sheet masks I've used in the past, this was a plus for me. These masks are inspired by Korean technology and are suppose to keep your skin hydrated for 120 hours! After using my mask my skin felt refreshed and healthy but I felt like my skin was back to how it was before using the mask the day after, so I didn't have the 120 hours of hydration as advertised. I would still try out the masks again in the future though, this hasn't put it off.

The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Lip Balm - Full size - £12.00
Lip balms are something I use all the time especially throughout the winter months as I suffer from chapped lips in the colder seasons. This antioxidant lip balm from The Organic Pharmacy is a cream like formula that only a little bit is needed to cover both my lips. On first application I found my lips felt very moist and stayed that way for some time; the product didn't soak into my lips for ages. I read that the balm is infused with shea butter, pomegranate and rose hip but all I could smell was oranges and chocolate when I was wearing the product. I'm going to continue to use very small amounts of this product on my lips as the end results was excellent, my lips was soft and looked healthy; using small amounts helps the balm soak into my lips quicker too.

Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat - Full size - £7.99 
I always use a top coat after I apply nail polish and sometimes have gel polish applied at the salon; this Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat is now a staple in my nail routine. If I'm not having my gel polish done at the salon, people now won't know because this top coat makes it look like I'm wearing a gel polish. Revlon have created this tough top coat to stop nail polish chipping and helps make polish last so much longer. I've used this over a few different nail polishes including, smooth, glitter and matte shades and had the same good results with each one. Theres also that gel-like shine left on my nails after just one application of this top coat; I can't believe I've never tried this until now!

The Body Shop - Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask - Sample sachet
I've been lucky enough to already try out this mask from The Body Shop because there was a free sample available through 02 priority not so long ago. I was happy to see another sachet in my Glossybox; I loved how the mask left my skin feeling after using just once. I used a brush to apply the mask and sat with it on until it hardened then washed it off with warm water; just like a normal mask it was easy to use. The charcoal is really good for my skin with my skin type being a combination of oily, blemish prone and dry; I was told from the assistant in The Body Shop that this was the mask best used on oily skin but would help my other skin types too. All the new masks in this range are 100% vegetarian and the British Rose, Amazonian Acal and this Himalayan Charcoal masks are 100% Vegan too! I'll be purchasing a full tub of this mask next time I'm in store.

MUA Cosmetics - Glitter Ball Eyeshadow palette - Full size - £4.00 
Last month every Glossy subscriber received an MUA Cosmetics palette and we even had a choice of four palettes that we could receive. However there was a small mix up and a few of us didn't receive the palette we had choose so Glossybox got straight onto the case and apologised for the mistake, then assured us that the correct palette would be in our September boxes and we could even keep the wrong palette as an extra. This was such good customer service from Glossy and I am happy the issue was sorted so quickly.

This Glitter Ball palette is gorgeous, I'd originally choose this palette because I already had two of the other choices and the third choice was a little to neutral for me. I liked the look of this palette because of the bold shades and the three glitter shades included, glitter eyeshadow is super on trend right now too! As usual with MUA the shadows are well pigmented and are long lasting with the help of a primer, the bold shades are bright and stand out which is another reason I like this palette so much. My only downfall with these MUA palettes is that they come with a sponge applicator and for me personally I would prefer a brush, as I don't tend to use these sponge applicators.

Glossybox have seriously put together a killer box this month, its been my favourite sub box this month and like I said earlier my favourite Glossybox to date. The contents have amazed me this month, I'm not sure they can top this box but we will find out next month... if you would like to sign up to Glossybox you can do so here using my referral link.

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