Urban Decay's Brow Box in Honey Pot

March 08, 2016

Applying eyebrow makeup has become a daily routine for me over the past couple of years, I hardly used to bother with my eyebrows apart from plucking them every so often, now I can't leave the house without my brows looking on fleek.

Here I have the Urban Decay Brow Box in shade Honey pot that I was kindly sent from Urban Decay themselves. Urban Decay is a popular brand that I have a few products from already and I always find that they provide good quality cosmetics, the product pigmentation is always good and they have awesome packaging.

First of all; how amazing is the box???

I love the look of it and not only because it's purple which is the brands signature colour. I also love the design on the box and the how the box works on the inside. The box design is right up my street with my alternative fashion sense, the studded boarder makes this brow box look fierce, which is how we all want our eyebrows to look right?

Inside the box there are two layers that open up in a push up formation and snap closure system, the top layer of the box has a mirror in the lid and 3 pans of eyebrow makeup. Under this layer is another compartment with a magnifying mirror in the lid and 3 mini eyebrow tools, 2 brushes and a pair of tweezers. 

Under the first lid there are two small square pans of eyebrow powder and one longer pan of brow wax to help your brows stay in place after applying the powder. Both pans of powder are highly pigmented, there's a lighter and darker shade which can be mixed together to create a more natural look. I find that using powder eyebrow products takes a little bit more time than applying pencils but the end result is so much better, you can play about with powders adding more in areas that need it. We all get those thinner patches in our eyebrows where more makeup is needed than the rest of the eyebrow. Both powders and the wax will last ages, I've used this box a couple times since receiving it and you can hardly tell I've used any product at all.

The mini brushes that are provided in the brow box are beautifully designed with the brands name on them. The brushes themselves are sturdy which hold enough product and blend out the product on the eyebrows well too. I prefer the darker shade as my eyebrows are quite dark naturally, the lighter shade is good for filling in though and giving a natural look. I've been using the brushes to gather the powder on and then sweeping it upwards on my brows following the natural shape. I've then been smoothing and straightening them out with a wand brush before applying the brow wax with my finger over the top in a sweeping motion from the inside out. The brow wax is great for adding shine to your brows as well as holding them in place all day! Below I've added a swatch of the eyebrow powders so you can see them.

The UD tweezers are so tiny and slim, they have a good grip on them too so it's easy to grab those tiny stubborn eyebrow hairs. This is probably one of my favourite pairs of tweezers. I've had small pairs in other eyebrow sets that haven't gripped any hairs because they was so tiny and not very well made but these UD ones are excellent, even better for tweezing those brows on the go. The magnifying mirror can be used to see all the stray hairs, I think including this mirror was a great idea from Urban Decay as when tweezing you sometimes need a closer look.

There's one thing I think the Brow Box is missing though and that's a wand brush, if one was included it would make it the ultimate brow product for everyone. 

The Urban Decay Brow Box is available in two shades Honey Pot and Brown Sugar and both can be purchased on the UD website, in UD stores and on concession counters for just £19.50. Another shade called Bathwater Blonde is available in the Gwen Stafani collection. 

I'm going to be checking out other eyebrow products from Urban Decay like the Eyebrow Pencil which is just £15.00 and comes in four shades. 

*PR Sample 

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  1. Ahh Gem I absolutely love your photos in this post, they're fab! I do nothing to my eyebrows but I've been contemplating getting the brow box forever, I have a feeling it would probably change my life ahah! xx

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com

    1. Thanks so much lovely!! I love the box, it's so handy for taking anywhere too. xx
      Gem - thanks for reading too!

  2. Ooohhh I am same with my eyebrows, changes your whole look. Before had the Clinique brow pencil which was good but quite harsh but stayed put, now got the soap and glory Archery which not too keen on as doesn't last. So will try this and will look out about the pencil one too. Love Urban Decay. Liked the super curl mascara but they have stopped making it :-(

    Stacey xxx UnicornFairy.net

    1. UD have some great products, the primer potion is amazing too!
      Think il buy the pencil next for when I want a more defined look.
      I've never tried the Clique one, only had the foundation from there and that was a sample one.

      Thanks for reading
      Gem x


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