Love is in the air with GlossyBox this month - February 2016

February 29, 2016

Personally I think Glossybox out did themselves this month, I absolutely loved my box, the theme and contents. Of course this months theme was all about love with it being Valentines day earlier in the month. The box design was lovely; with painted heart shaped balloons in different pink shades and the text 'Love is in the Air', inside the items was wrapped in pink tissue paper and tied with a white bow and sticker. I love how Glossybox change the colours, tissue paper and ribbons to fit in with the themes every month. 

The way I see it, this months Glossybox wanted us to love ourselves so the box included tools and beauty favourites to do that with. Included in this months box was an MUA Cosmetics lip gloss which subscribers got to select their chosen shades prior to receiving the box. Also every item in this months box was full size, which for just £10.00 is amazing!! 

So what was in the box... 

This was the makeup item that Glossy's could pick the shade they wanted prior to receiving the box this month, I went for a timeless classic red shade. I thought the shade would be great for spring and summer which will be here in no time. I'm not a gloss product person because I always find glosses to be sticky and uncomfortable to wear, this MUA Power Pout Glaze is very light on the lips meaning non sticky, the red shade can be worn lightly or built up with more applications. Even with more applications the product still isn't sticky! 
I only have one little flaw with this lip product, you have to twist the bottom of the pen to get the product out, I was twisting for what felt like forever to get any product onto the brush. At one point I thought it was empty but eventually I got some product through the brush, I don't know weather this was just my gloss or it's the same with everyones. 

Tweezers are a tool I use regularly, I like to keep a pair in my makeup bag, a pair in the bathroom, a pair in my bag and everywhere else you can think off. They are a handy tool to have around, not just for plucking those unwanted eyebrow hairs. 
The design of these tweezers is very girly and vintage as you would expect from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. They have a strong hold and you don't have to squeeze them too hard for them to grip anything. I've replaced my current pair of handbag tweezers with this pair because they are good quality and look pretty. I need a mirror to match them now for on the go tweezing. 

Receiving a razor in a beauty sub box to me was unexpected as I've only ever received beauty products like skin care, hair care and makeup. However I'm so happy I was sent this razor, the moisture block around the blades helps so much on my sensitive skin. I hate shaving my legs as its such a chore as we all know, this razor and the moisture block makes shaving that little bit easier as there's no need for shaving gel, the block around the blades lathers up just like a block of soap would. The blade gives a close shave on my legs but I found it a little awkward to shave under my arms with it, it's a little bulky. There is a holder that sticks onto the shower tiles to keep the razor handy and close by when showering, this is a little added extra. I will be buying the refill blades though as I like the easiness of shaving my legs with this razor. 

Nicka K New York 24hour Waterproof eyeliner in shade - Dark Brown £3.99 Full size 
Last month I received a Nicka K blending sponge and enjoyed using it (read last months GlossyBox post here), so I started to look at other products from Nicka K. I was excited to receive another product from this brand this month and that it was a makeup item, I'm not disappointed at all! Although this liner is a brown shade (I don't wear brown liner that often) I love it, it's so easy to apply and has good staying power. The pointed tip makes drawing winged liner a breeze, theres a smudge nip at the other end of this liner to help create that smokey eye look and if you pull the nip out theres a sharpener to keep the tip of the liner pointed. An all round great product, I'm interested in purchasing this liner in a black shade that I would wear more often than the brown. 

NAOBAY Protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner £10.64 Full size
The bottle size that this NAOBAY hair mask came in was huge, I'm surprised GlossyBox fitted everything into this months box, haha. 
A hair mask isn't something I've used often, I've had a couple of smaller bottles of different brands in the past before from gift sets but I've never actually purchased a hair mask. 
I've used this mask twice since receiving my box, I've found it to leave my hair feeling soft and nourished. The product only needs to be left on freshly washed hair for 3 minutes for it to work, this isn't really an inconvenience like some hair products are because its just 3 minutes of your time. I'd say the scent of the product is organic and fruity which is probably because most of the ingredients are organic. The products texture wasn't too thick so soaked into my hair easily again saving time.  
I probably wouldn't buy this product in the future though as it's not something I will use regularly enough, but if I did I would definitely use this choose this brand. 

Overall this months box was so much value for money! 5 full size items for just £10.00 I can't say enough! I've used every product in this box and enjoyed using each product. I've also gone on to buy another MUA Power Pout glaze in different shade! 

I'm very much looking forward to my March GlossyBox, if you want to try GlossyBox you can sign up here

What did everyone think of this months box?? Let me know in the comments. 

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