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December 08, 2015

My most recent post was all about my first ever blogger event, this set up by The Press Tent, and took place in Manchester, you can read that post here.
I mentioned at the end of the event post that I was given a review box, which had lots of items inside to try out, test and use. There was generous items inside from all different brands including; So...?, Luxardo (who also was at the event), Lypsyl and Hotel Chocolat amongst many other brands, some I hadn't even heard off.

I want to start with my favourite items in the box...

Nerdwax - the original glasses wax
At first I thought this product was to clean my glasses, I was like how is this stick (which looks a lot like a lip balm) going to clean my glasses?? After my silly moment and a little research into the product I realised this Nerdwax is to stop your glasses falling down your nose.
The wax is applied to the bridge or nose pads on your glasses which helps to stop the glasses moving. Applying the wax is easy, just twist the bottom of the product until around 0.5cm is showing then apply straight onto your glasses. The wax wears off over time but it is so easy to reapply and this product is small enough to pop in your pocket or bag. I have loved trying this new innovative product and I will be continuing to use it!

Nailed London - Gel wear in shade Berry Sexy Collaboration with Rosie Fortescue
I love love love this colour of this nail polish, I'm a huge fan of purple and dark shades of any makeup really so this is definitely a favourite item of mine. Since this is a gel wear polish the end result is shiny and sleek which is just what you want from a nail polish. In terms of how long the polish lasts, I'd say its average before the polish chips. Again I am very happy with this product and impressed that it is a full size product.

Halo - Deodorant Wipes 
This is a brand just like the two above that I have never heard of but I have used deodorant wipes in the past. Wipes are especially good for festivals, I love attending festivals and finding products that can keep me as fresh as possible; especially when living outdoors for around 5 days. These handy little wipes are easy to use and smell fresh too. There is 10 wipes in this packet which is enough to last a few days at a festival or longer if kept in your handbag for those long days at work or days/nights out. The small canvas bag that the wipes came in is handy to take away with you, it will fit in essential products like these wipes and toothbrushes etc. Another great product!

Luxardo - Amaretto + Licor 43 - Original 
I can't not mention the two miniature bottles of alcohol in the box, both Luxardo and Licor43 drinks was available at the event. From the cocktail cards that was in the box, I know that the Ginger 43 cocktail was my favourite on the night. This cocktail had Licor 43 in it with ginger and angostura bitters, it was very tasty and I'd had nothing like it before. I will be creating my own Ginger 43 cocktails at home now! The Amaretto bottle is already a favourite of mine, I love amaretto and diet coke whenever I go out. Thanks for the miniatures!

So...? Wild - Perfumed body spray 
I remember using So...? body sprays when I was at school and I loved trying out all the scents, I'd buy a different scent each time one ran out. I haven't used So...? products in a while so to receive one in this box was great for me, it rekindled my love for them. This scent is sweet yet not over powering and lasts a long time after spraying. Again this is a full size product so will be staying in my handbag for daily refreshes. I'd love to try out more of the scents again!

Hotel Chocolat - Christmas Mess 
I've never been lucky enough to try any of Hotel Chocolat's products and now I am wondering why??? These Christmas mess chocolate cups are very rich in flavour, first the cranberry hits you then the cinnamon all surrounded my sweet white chocolate. For a Christmas treat these hit the spot, the festive flavours would make anyone think of christmas. This size of product comes with 6 chocolate cups in it and would make an awesome shocking filler for any chocolate fan.

Lypsyl - Tinted lip balm in shade cherry blossom 
I consistently have a lip balm on me either in my pocket or bag or even both sometimes. My lips get very dry especially in winter, so I apply lip balm on a regular daily basis. I have only tried a couple of tinted balms in the past and I've found that the tint is always very subtle so seemed pointless to me. Lypsyl have got the product spot on here, the tint is noticeable, the lips start to feel soft after just a few applications and as a added bonus the product smells like cherries! What more could you want???

Other products in the box included...

Peanut Hottie - Peanut butter flavour hot drink
As I don't like nuts I haven't tried this product, I don't like the flavour of peanut butter so this was a no go for me, I have however made my mum a cup of this hot drink and she said it was tasty enough but quite sweet, more sweet than a regular hot chocolate.

Proper Corn - Sweet Coconut & Vanilla
I tried some of the Proper Corn at the event, I of course picked up the same flavour as what was in my surprise review box, just my luck. Anyway I was surprised by the taste of these popcorn, I have always just had sweet or toffee popcorn in the past so was a bit nervous to try these but they are quite nice, I couldn't finish the full bag in one sitting as they was very sweet though.

BEE Good - Honey & Propolis 2in1 Cream Cleanser 
First of all I love that this product was a CEW Beauty Awards winner for 2015, this gave me the first impression that it was a great product. The cleanser comes with a muslin cloth which is a added extra. Applying the cleanser to dry areas on my face and neck was easy then putting the muslin cloth over my face after running it under a warm tap. This is so refreshing and after left my skin feeling so soft to touch. I will be carrying on using this product.

Receiving this box of goodies to test and review was such a treat, I've enjoying trying out new products and using products that I've used in the past but don't now or have forgotten about. Finding them in this review box has reminded me that I like those brands like So...? and Lypsyl. 

Thank you to The Press Tent and The Beauty Store for putting together this box. The Beauty Store also added a 10% off discount code in the box, which I have used to purchase some new NYX Cosmetics products. I can't wait for them to arrive. 

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  1. That's a great haul and such a generous review box. I love the sound of the Nerdwax how clever!

    1. The nerdwax is great, such a good idea that actually works too.
      It was a very generous box your right.
      Thanks for reading!


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