GlossyBox for NARS box - Sold out in 27 minutes!

November 30, 2015

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a GlossyBox for NARS exclusive box last Monday, this box sold out in 27 minutes and after having some internet issues I was so relieved to buy a box.

I've never actually used a NARS product before as they have always been a little out of my price range so when I heard about this box I had to get it. This box has given me the chance to try out items before buying a full size and spending the cash on a full size product. With high end beauty products I like to try a sample or buy a mini to try out before buying a full size, with the price tags I wouldn't want to buy a full size product that didn't work for me or I didn't like it and waste the money on an unused item.

The NARS box is fabulous! First of all I love the packaging, I have said in my recent GlossyBox November post (you can read that here) how sleek the GlossyBox packaging is and the NARS box isn't any different. The black box matches the black matte packaging of the makeup products, the box also has NARS printed on the front which adds that little bit of exclusiveness to the box.

Inside the box the items was laid on shredded paper and wrapped in tissue paper sealed with a black sticker and a ribbon, I didn't want to open it because it looked that good.

There was 5 makeup items in the box, these was all deluxe mini size and are decent sizes too! They all came boxed in the matching matte black packaging, everything about these products is high end.

Items in the box was...

Audacious Mascara in Black Moon - (Full size £21.00)

Blush in Orgasm - (Full size £23.00)

The Multiple in Orgasm - (Full size £29.00)

Larger than Life Long-wear eyeliner in Via Veneto - (Full size £19.00)

Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien - (Full size £19.00)

My favourite two items are the mascara and the blush. I love the mascara as its a new mascara and I love trying new products, the wand is big so catches most if not all of your lashes. The colour is very black which is good for me as I like to wear black liner and mascara on a daily basis.

The blush is another favourite because of its size mainly, it's so cute (yes i just called makeup cute). I also like the colour because it is good for any skin tone, I was worried that the colours in the box wouldn't work with my pale skin tone but GlossyBox/NARS seem to have put the correct colours in that will work for everyone. This blush also comes with a small mirror inside the product which is also great for when you go out as its small enough to fit in any handbag.

The overall price of the box was £30.00 for subscribers or £35.00 for non subscribers and the value of the box is around £56.00 (I've read this figure online). I personally think the box is worth it and I'm really enjoying using the products.

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