Birchbox X SkinnyDip - November 2015

November 16, 2015

Birchbox this month have joined forces with SkinnyDip London for a exclusive box and I am so excited about it. SkinnyDip is one of my favourite brands, I'm consistently looking and sometimes buying new phone cases and using my Broken Bones purse.

I'm new to Birchbox as October was my first month, I signed up mainly because they had a full size Eyeko liner in the 'Back to Basics' box. I ordered this at the end of October and received it within a few days and shortly after my November Birchbox arrived! Yay!

There was two colour themes on the boxes this month, I had my fingers crossed that I would get the purple one and I did! I'd also upgraded my box to get a SkinnyDip exclusive phone case for just £4.00 extra.

What's in the box...

So Susan - Featherlash Mascara (full size) - RRP £18.00
I have used So Susan products before after buying a goodie bag from them at the Clothes Show a couple of years ago, I like that the brand is cruelty free. This mascara is meant to thicken my lashes for a fuller look and is long lasting. I can't wait to try it out! I'm still using my Benefit Deluxe mini mascara so will be saving this product for when that has ran out.

Lord & Berry - Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner (travel size) - Full size RRP £9.00
I didn't know you could get a translucent lip liner! This is great because it can be used with any colour of lipstick, I know I sometimes struggle to get lip liners to perfectly match my lipstick. I think this will be my go to liner from now on. I would definitely re-buy this product.

Delarom - Creme Acquaconfort (sample size) 15ml - Full size RRP £34.00
I've tested a bit of this product on the back of my hand and it rubs in easily then leaves my skin feeling smooth to touch. This moisturiser smells great, the apricot ingredient really stands out in the scent. This is a decent size sample at 15ml but with the price tag for a full size I probably won't buy this product in the future.

Cowshed - Cow Pat Hand Cream (full size) - RRP £8.00
My hands are very dry all year round but are even worst during the winter months so receiving a hand cream is really 'handy' for me. This size product perfectly fits into my bag so I can take it anywhere. I've used this cream a couple of times since receiving my box and it has started to work well on my hands. However I am not a big fan of the smell, there is coriander in the product which is suppose to help soothe the skin but its the only scent I can smell in the product, if I could smell the grapefruit ingredient more I think I would love this hand cream.

Absolution - La Creme de Teint (sample size) - Full size RRP £35.00
At first this product seemed to be a tinted moisturiser however once blended in, it is translucent meaning this makeup is great for any skin tone. My only negative about this product is that I can feel that I'm wearing it, as with other BB creams or tinted moisturisers I don't feel them on my skin once blended in. This product has a big price tag so I most likely won't be buying this in the future.

My beauty treat ...

English Laundry - Notting Hill Femme de Parfum (sample size) 2ml
I must admit I'm a funny one with perfumes, I tend to stick to scents that all smell similar so because this is very different to my usual perfumes, I'm not fully sure what I think of it. It's quite a strong smell with a woody undertone and I can smell vanilla in it which is good as I like vanilla however with the strength of the product I am a little put off. Its great to be able to try out little samples of perfume to know what you like if your stuck in your ways like I am.

Extras ... 

SkinnyDip London Exclusive Phone Case - RRP £12.00 (£4.00 if upgraded your box)
This is of course my favourite item this month, as I love SkinnyDip and the fact that it is an exclusive, it even says Birchbox on the side. I love the shell design on the case, it goes well with the box design too. SkinnyDip cases are always high quality and come with a screen protector too.

My second box was Birchbox has not disappointed at all, even the products I won't buy in the future will get used up and I enjoy trying out new items. There is also a SkinnyDip discount code in the box which I will be taking full advantage of! I'll be recycling my box and using it as storage and the purple colour matches my bedroom. Overall an excellent box, I can't wait for next months!

If you would like to sign up to Birchbox you can do so by clicking my link here ...

Did you get this months Birchbox? What did you think?? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I love Skinnydip so much, that phone case is awesome! I really want one of their phone cases but I have a weird phone so they don't make any for it!

    Kimberley xx //

  2. Oh no... The cases are worth getting a new phone right?? Haha.
    I've ordered more cases in the Black Friday sale, I'm obsessed! Hehe.
    Thanks for reading.


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