Where have I been???

October 13, 2015

My last published post was on the 4th of October that was my first ever favourites post, you can check that out here. So as you can see it's been over a week since that post and I thought I better explain why...

Firstly I'm gutted that I haven't posted in that time and the main reason is just life and how it gets in the way sometimes. Around 3 weeks ago I started a new job which is full time hours and different hours each week. The first 2 weeks took some getting used too and I didn't find time to do much else other than sleep when I wasn't working, I also didn't work on my blog at all. This week will be my 4th week into the job and I'm starting to settle into it, I've got a day off tomorrow meaning I can go out to do some shopping of course (my favourite thing to do), I've already got loads of items to write about including new makeup and shoes plus an event post planned.

It's still going to take some time to adjust to not having all the time off I'm used too and working my blog around my job. I wanted to write this post to keep everyone updated and to encourage me to still move forward with my blog and keep going whenever possible.

I can say now that posts won't be as often as they have been in the past, I also want to keep my photography up to a standard I like so as you all know that takes up even more time in the blogging world so please bare with me readers!

Getting used to my new working life again and blogging in my spare time is how I want to move forward and thats my goal now, not to give up and to find a way to work on my blog around my job.
I know it can be done as I know many bloggers also have jobs and find a way to do both.

I hope everyone understands and keeps reading my posts, I'll keep everyone up to date over on Twitter on new posts I publish.

I have my first bloggers event in November, I'm so excited about it, thats giving me more motivation to keep working on my blog and enjoying blogging too.

Thanks again everyone!

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