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September 21, 2015

MUA Cosmetics posted a bank holiday offer on their social media pages, so of course I went to check out what goodies I could buy on the website.

As I've recently tried Makeup Revolution's new Ultra Base Corrector (you can read my review here), I decided to look at MUA's corrector products so I could compare them.
I spotted that they had a 'Colour Corrector Kit' for just £10.00, this included the Pro-Base Prime and Conceal palette, Pro-Base Prime and Conceal powder, F4 powder brush and F3 concealer brush. You can see and buy the set here.

The Pro-Base range has over 10 items in it including powders, primers and even fixing spray's, see the full range here. I've already used some of the range, the eye primer and matte satin pressed powders are in my everyday makeup bag.

The prime and conceal palette is a compact product with 5 creams in it, the creams are different colours that help conceal and correct unwanted skin tones and blemishes.
Each cream colour blends easily and covers really well. You can apply the creams using the brush in the kit or your fingers, I find that I use less product with a brush which means the makeup lasts longer.

Each colour has a different use, here is a list of which colour covers/corrects what...

Green - Helps cover redness
Yellow - Conceals purple tones
Dark Peach - Adds radiance
Lilac - Corrects yellow tones
Light Peach (middle) - To highlight

I have swatched each colour in the palette so you can see what they look like on the skin, I'm quite pale so bare this in mind. Like with any corrector product you may be worried that this colourful palette will add unwanted colour to your face but once blended they do correct the skin tone not just cover it, so blend to get the full and best results.

Now let's talk about the prime and conceal powder, this product is great because it works so well with the cream palette. This powder is compact just like the palette and has 4 colours included however these are mixed together unlike the creams which are separate. The powder brush is perfect for this product, I twist the brush over the top of the powder to gather all the colours together then apply all over my face. The powder works with the cream palette to cover and correct, with the powder colours being the same as the creams. The finish isn't shimmery which is a good thing, its more of a matte finish ands this helps to blend the creams in more.

The brushes that came in this kit are really well made, the powder brush is so soft and gathers enough product with just a few sweeps across the powder. The smaller concealer brush is very small for a concealer brush, I would of liked it to be slightly bigger so I could blend the creams in more evenly, however it is still useful for applying makeup in smaller areas or creases. 

For just £10.00 this Colour Corrector kit is definitely worth the money, you can and most likely will use the brushes for other products too. I like that these palettes are small enough to go in my bag and light enough to carry around. They will be good for touch ups during the day. 

Comparing MUA's corrector products with Makeup Revolutions corrector palette, I do think that the Makeup Rev product is slightly better as there are more colours in the palette and they are bigger, so that means more product. However as I've said above, the MUA products are more handbag size to carry around unlike the Makeup Rev palette.  

What you think of MUA's Corrector products? Let me know in the comments or tweet me. 

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