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August 26, 2015

Hello Guys,

I just wanted to update everyone on the little changes I've made on my blog.
First of all I've created a new post end image, I've used the same text as before because that links to my blog banner but I've added the lipstick and a "lets call it" a smudge line.
Here it is, what do you think?

My old post end image was showing up pixelated so I've done some tweaking on Photoshop and now no more pixels! yay!

Another thing I've added to my blog is a contact email address, I've noticed most bloggers have some sort of contact on their blogs and as I'm still learning I took that on board, created a brand new email and added the details to my home page.

So if you want to email me you can click the little mail box and send away.
My twitter and Instagram links are still available too.

Lastly I want my blog to become more professional so I've been trying out my photography skills, I did study photography at college but sort of lost touch with it. I know how to take and edit photographs, so I'm going to be using those skills from now on. You will be able to see I've already started to do this on my recent posts.

Here's a sneak peak of scheduled post for tomorrow (first time I've scheduled a post too), but I'm so happy with the photography so I'll let you have a peak...

That's all my updates for now, if anyone has any advise or tips please let me know in the comments or use my contact links. And look out for my new post tomorrow!

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  1. Love the blog logo its really well designed

    1. Thank you! A bit of time on Photoshop can be effective! Gem :)

  2. Looks good! I:) need to take your tips on the photos, I'm so bad at them haha

    1. Thank you. I actually thought my iPhone photos was ok until I see them on a PC haha! Definitely recommend using a camera and Photoshop if needed to tweak!
      You just came me an idea for a post on photo tips too, thanks.

  3. Gave me an idea! -auto correct- daft iPhone hah


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