My Birthday Wishlist 2016

January 25, 2016

Next month is my birthday, I've got a couple of gigs planned and a stay over in Manchester with a few friends and I'm super excited about it all. 

Not only have I got a couple of outings planned but of course I have a birthday present wish list, who doesn't? I've put together the wish list in the form of a photo collage, I use an app called 'Photo Grid' to create these collages. I posted the image on my Instagram and Twitter today, but I wanted to write a little post explaining the items I've picked out. 

First up here's there the photo... 

All images are from the brands websites which are linked in the post text (these are not my images)

As you can see everything has a purple border because simply purple is my favourite colour, I chose to use a pin board design as I liked the idea of pinning items to an actual board. I think the theme fits in great for a wish list collage image. 

1. Pandora Openwork Linked Ring £30.00
I currently have a few Pandora rings so I'm starting to stack them as some of the rings are intended to be worn. I've chose this ring as I really like the design and for the price it looks way more expensive than what it is. My mum has already agreed to buy this ring so I know I'll be getting at least one thing from my wish list.

2. Makeup Revolution Iconic Smokey Palette £6.00, The One Sculpt & Highlight Stick £6.00 and the Pro Illuminate £4.00
I recently spoke about wanting these three products on my latest Makeup Revolution post so I thought I would put them on my wish list. All these of these items are inexpensive too, if I don't end up with all or any of them I think I will treat myself with my birthday money. I've been eyeing up the contour and highlight sticks since they was released, they are currently still on the introductory offer, £6.00 for them both if brought together. I think these sticks will be so handy and easy to use, I can't wait to try them out. The smokey palette is another item I've had my eye on but due to not making any online orders and the palette not being available in Superdrug store yet its not been purchased. The Pro Illuminate is something I'm very eager to try out, I'm starting to contour my face more often now which means highlighting more too, I love the look of this highlighter.

3. LUSH Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar £4.25
Really this doesn't need any explanation because its a unicorn horn! I love unicorns and am a big fan of LUSH products. I missed out on trying the unicorn horn last year so I'm mega happy that they have brought it back this year. And I won't be disappointed if I end up with more than one of these hehe.

4. SkinnyDip London Liquid Sarcasm Bag £30.00
A SkinnyDip bag that speaks to me!! Again this is enough said really, but I will go on. SkinnyDip is a favourite brand of mine and this bag is just me all over, its also very pretty and glittery and an awesome shape. I love creative bags like this one.

5. Disturbia Clothing Choke Dress £34.75 in the sale
I love love love this dress and the fact that its half price now is just awesome! I will admit I've been wanting to purchase this dress since it went into the sale however the only thing putting me off is, I'm not sure on the sizes, Ive never purchased any of Disturbia's clothing before. It's on the wish list because I do want it and would love to wear it to one of the gigs I'm attending and of course the drinks at the pub later.

6. Benefit Operation : Pore-Proof! set £28.50
This is one of those presents I will be buying myself with some birthday money. I have nearly enough Birchbox points to get this set cheaper so I will just be putting the extra money towards it. The reason I want this set is to try out all the POREfessional products before actually purchasing any of them in full size. These little sets are great to try items out and the mini sized products last quite a long time so you can give them all a good test out before committing to a full size product.

7. I'm Back Tee £19.90
This Back to the Future themed tee with the text 'I'm back bitches' has my name written all over it. I'm constantly using the word bitches when socialising with my friends, in a jokey manner don't worry. I like the design and the text and I'm a sucker for slogan tees, I can't help myself.

So that's it, I did want to add another item which was the Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Definer in Dark Brown. This product has been all over my social media pages in the last couple of weeks and it looks really good. The videos I've watched with the product featured make it look really easy to use and it looks like you can get some great results from it too. I'd love to try it out on my brows.

I'd love to read some of your wish list posts if you have any send me you links in the comments below or over on twitter. This is my first ever wish list post so let me know what you think as well.

* Declaimer - the images used in the wish list collage are screen shots taken from the brands websites using my iPhone, I have linked all products back to the brands websites, where you can see the images. I do not own any of the images included in the wish list collage. 

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